Sunday, January 8, 2012

Visit my world

Let me take you on a brief trip to Wevelik, the world The Night of the Gryphon is set in. A barrier exists that separates humans from things and people of magic. The land of humans is divided into kingdoms and resembles our medieval times. However, the Land of Shadows is where all of The Warrior Queen and The Prince of Light takes place is a place of wonders, horrors, and unending surprises. The Hollow King, book one, begins with the five members of the quest meeting and setting off to locate the first crystal of the specter of hope. The Land of Shadows has talking trees and fairies who masquerade as butterflies to name a few. The barrier was constructed by the Elders in an effort to protect the humans from being becoming slaves to those with magic.

With the passing of time, the humans come to believe the things of the Land of Shadows are no more than childhood tales. When things from the nightmare realm begin to hunt in their world, what was considered make believe is suddenly real.
I'd like to introduce you to the four who are responsible for gaining the specter of hope and restoring the balance.

Crenshaw was the king of Treside. He struggles to keep his desire for revenge under control and wonders if he'll be able to full his role in the quest.
Queen Taraly has just lost her father and is immediately forced to leave her kingdom, Samatira, to seek the counsel of the oracle, Grandma June.
Taigo is the leader of the outsiders. It is his wisdom and faith in Crenshaw that guides the once king to make the right choice. But the secrets Taigo harbor threatens the entire quest and everyone in it.
Sancha has been given the gift of animal talker. The importance of his role isn't fully revealed until the last book, The Prince of Light.
What sets all four of these people on the path? Events commanded by the sorceress, Ovezara. The trailer for The Hollow King highlights these ~

I hope you come and spend some time in my world.

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What an intriguing world. Sounds very interesting. Love the covers.
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