Sunday, January 8, 2012

Power and Influence

What do you think makes a powerful person?
The police are supposed to be powerful, but rioters were able to put them in their place during the UK riots during the last summer.

All those corrupt and criminal newspaper journalists and editors were powerful, but are getting their come-uppance now – at least I hope they will. Some may argue that it’s the readership that has all the power because they drive the journalists to get the
stories in the first place.

Politicians are supposed to be powerful, but all is takes is a sex scandal or an asinine comment for them never to be considered the same way again.

Thinking about powerful people always puts me in mind of those suited and booted types so full up of their own self-importance. Not good at all! They’re the ones that definitely need someone
to put them in their place and demonstrate some power over them.

The question of power is one I considered when writing Taming the Alter Ego, my latest release from Phaze. Power takes many different forms and it can be implemented in so many different ways. My heroine, Mariella, is well aware of this and I'll post an excerpt shortly to show you how

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Power is a unique concept. Should be interesting to read this book.
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