Sunday, January 8, 2012

Doesn't everyone want to be treated like a Goddess?

Hi everyone!

Dana Littlejohn here to bring you story that has some Christmas spirit with a dash of modern technology! Christmas Goddess is about a woman who is sick an tired of being sick with the men that have been coming into her life. Finally she decided to just leave them alone for a while. Unfortunately that didn't make her happy either. Luckily she had a best friend that knew her better than anyone else and she made sure Kendra had the best Christmas ever!

Kendra Taylor was single by choice, but unhappy with her predicament. Feeling depressed over her situation she declined going with her friend Monica to an annual Christmas party. Wanting to help Kendra, Monica searched diligently for the perfect gift to lift Kendra’s spirits and usher her into the New Year on a positive note…and she found it!


Christmas Goddess is available now at Secret Cravings Publishing

Dana Littlejohn

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I want to be treated like a goddess
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