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Interview With Shiloh Beck from Sloane Wolf

Here is an interview empath Shiloh Beck did with author Kay Dee Royal:

KDR ~ Welcome Shiloh Beck, star of Sloane Wolf, a paranormal romance story. First let me say I’ve read your story and think Margay did an excellent creative job with it. I’m sure you feel the same about it…hopefully she got all the details right.

Please tell us a bit about your abilities.

I wish I could. Sometimes, I don’t understand them myself. All I know for sure is I can sense what others are feeling. Whatever they feel, I feel, to. Sometimes, I can even see the images in their minds – if I let myself. The Institute was trying to teach me how to turn that outward – to reverse the process, so to speak, and inflict certain feelings upon other people – but I don’t like talking about that.

KDR ~ Can you explain what The Institute is?

I’m not sure what, exactly, The Institute is. To me, it’s the place where I grew up, the place that kept me from my family. It’s the place where others like me are brought to cultivate our “gifts,” so we can learn how to live in the outside world with people who aren’t gifted. Funny thing is, none of us are allowed out into the outside world, so we never truly learn to adapt.

KDR ~ Tell us about Micah Stone. He seems a bit egotistical…or should I say, somewhat bossy.

You can say whatever you like because you’re right – on both points. Micah is somewhat bossy, but I guess he has good reason to be with a family like his. Someone has to keep his siblings in check and since he’s the oldest…let’s just say he takes that whole “leader of the pack” thing a bit too literal sometimes. As for egotistical, yes, I suppose he is, but have you seen him? I mean, really, the guy has good reason – but don’t tell him I said that. He’s hard enough to deal with as it is!

KDR ~ Can you give us a brief description of Sloane’s family?

I can try! Should I start from the top? Damon and Dara are just the most wonderful people you’d ever want to meet. Kind, caring, and very close to their children – all of their children. Aunt Reba…I don’t really know a lot about her, but she’s kind of intimidating. I wouldn’t want to cross her. You already know about Micah. So on to Cam. He’s a bit of a hothead, but when it comes right down to it, you couldn’t ask for a better person to have your back. Raven is the best – everything you’d want in your best girl friend. I can’t think of adequate enough words to describe her. Loyal, intense, beautiful? Yeah, those all fit, but she’s so much more. Grayson is the quiet one so when he speaks, you really listen. He’s wise beyond his years and just as fierce and loyal as his brothers. Another good one to have at your back in a crisis. And then there’s Ava, my little darling. Yeah, she can be a pain and is so eager to grow up and be a part of things, she often gets herself into a whole lot of trouble, but she really is a good kid. I think that covers them all.

KDR ~ So what was it like meeting Micah for the first time?

Hmm, it was…interesting. I mean, he’s so good looking, you kind of feel like he can’t possibly be real. So when we first met, I have a feeling I wasn’t very coherent! And he noticed, which made it more embarrassing. I think I stared a lot, too. Ugh. But then he turned on the arrogant attitude, so it kind of broke the spell a little.

KDR ~ What attracted you to the Massachusetts area?

It’s home. I’ve always lived in the state and, really, with the changing seasons and all, why would I want to live anywhere else?

KDR ~ I loved the ending of this book, but there’s more to your story, Shiloh. Would you give us a little heads up on what we can expect next?

You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I’ve heard how eager you are to know more! Let’s just say that, ever since I ended up in the hospital after the confrontation with Jon, I’ve been having a lot of strange dreams. But the thing is…they’re not my dreams. They’re someone else’s.

KDR ~ So tell us Shiloh, how is it to work with Margay? Did she do a good job of telling your story as it happened OR was she attempting to embellish it all?

Sometimes it’s scary how close she gets to the truth of things. I’ve tried my best to keep it to myself – sometimes knowledge is dangerous, you know – but she has a way of pulling it out of you. She’s relentless. She won’t stop until she gets to the bottom of things and that kind of makes me worry where this might all lead. I know the Institute isn’t done with me – the Enforcer is still alive, after all, so I know he’ll be back – and I don’t think I’ve seen the end of the black wolf, either. He’s connected to me in some mysterious, familiar way, and I know Margay won’t stop until she knows everything. I just hope she knows what she’s in for. It’s not wise to tangle with the Institute. And embellish? Oh, no. I think she downplayed it.

KDR ~ Where can we find Margay Leah Justice ~ we know where ever she is, you’ll be lurking nearby. Please give us Margay’s links & buy pages.

Well, aren’t you the little detective! Are you taking lessons from Margay? I suppose I’ll have to be on my guard with you, too. I’ll add you to the list with Raven, Ava and Margay!

Oh, okay, here are some of her favorite haunts (see I know about her, too):

Quickie Quiz
Getting to know … Shiloh Beck ~ star of Sloane Wolf

2 Things you do to relax:
Relax, what’s that? Okay, okay! Work out at the gym and read.

Favorite sport to watch:
Not much of a sports person, but maybe, soccer?

Cat or Dog:
Love both, though I’ve never had either one. Do I really have to pick?

Favorite places to write:
In a quiet little corner somewhere.

Place you’ve always wanted to go, but haven’t:
Paris, France

Breakfast drink:

Favorite season ~ why:

Fall – love when the leaves change color. So beautiful!

What are your hobbies /past times:
I don’t really have a lot of time for hobbies, but I do like to read.


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