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Untangle My Heart: Where Love, Family and Friendship Unite

Family and friendship are important elements in my contemporary romance, Untangle My Heart. Let’s meet some of the wonderful secondary characters whose happily-ever-afters you'll learn more about in subsequent stories in my Tangled Heart series.

You’ll meet Kate’s two BFFs, Meghan and Karen. These friends helped Kate through a tough period in her life and are her soul-sisters. You’ll also meet the adorable orphan, Lucas Black, who Kate befriends. He and Kate share a bond due to a similar tragic past. One of my favorite scenes in the book is the cookie baking scene with Kate. There are elements of baking cookies with my own son in this scene.

I love Kate’s family. You’ll see her butt heads with her equally stubborn younger sister, Vicky, and brother, Vinnie. Then there’s some tender moments between Kate and her parents, Carmen and Joe. And one of my favorite characters to write is Kate’s brother, Nick. He’s the oldest DiFrancesco son and is positively yummy. 

Edward’s family is small, but you’ll meet his proper but devastatingly sexy twin brother, Charles, and learn why Edward got a bad-boy reputation at a young age.

     I hope you'll enjoy an excerpt from Untangle My Heart. This scene is between Kate and her brother, Nick.

“So what’s going on with you and your architect?”
Kate’s shoulders tensed. “He’s not my architect.”
“No, huh? So your hot summer fling with him has cooled off even though he’s moved to New York?”
Oh, and what a sizzling fling it had been.
She fidgeted in the chair and didn’t meet her brother’s gaze. “As a matter of fact, yes.”
“Come on, sis, you see him every day. He’s one of your bosses.”
“No shit. Tell me something I don’t already know.”
“I don’t think things are over between you.”
Kate snorted. “Shows you know squat.”
“Yeah, then why are you avoiding looking at me?”
Sometimes it sucked having a cop for a brother. Talking to him could be an interrogation. She’d become good at evading questions, or so she thought. But she could never fool Nick, and he called her on it every freaking time.

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