Sunday, March 2, 2014

Movies, Books, and Contests

I like going to movies, don’t you?  For one thing the refreshments are better than what I have at home, and for another the movie just looks better on a big screen in a dark room. Since I’m a romance author I’ve seen lots or romantic movies. Can you guess the name of these movies? Some are old and some are new.

1.He was a paraplegic former Marine, and she lived on Pandora in the Alpha Centauri star system.

2.She called him Preppie, and his family disliked her, but nobody expected her to die of cancer.

3.They were both robots, but in this Pixar release they learned to overcome their model differences and find true love.

4.She was an Austrian governess who fell for her employer and helped the family escape the Nazis  during the beginning of World War II. 

5.He gave his life for hers when their unsinkable ship sank in the bitter North Atlantic Ocean.

6.She didn’t realize he and his family were vampires until she had already given him her heart.

7.He was a troubled rich boy, and she’d had hard times too, but just when they got their lives together, disaster struck in 2001.

8.Julia Roberts played a hooker whose life was changed forever by one of her clients.

9.Her wedding in Greece didn’t happen, but her mother and father’s did.

10.She’s a mysterious stranger who arrives in a small North Carolina town and meets a local widower whose children like her.

You give up?  Here’s an answer key.
2.Love Story. This one is old, but if you like to cry buckets of tears just find a copy and watch it.
3.Wall E
4.The Sound of Music
7.Remember Me
8.Pretty Woman
9.Mama Mia
10.Safe Haven

Unfortunately, none of my books have yet been made into movies, but they’d be so good!  How about this: They meet on the beach after a ten year separation, and she agrees to marry him that night, never suspecting that a mad man is intent on killing him. (Return Engagement)

Don’t like that one? Okay, how about this: He plays for the Green Bay Packers, but an accident costs him his job and his girl. He’s depressed until Violet Emerson enters the picture. (A New Dream)

Gee, you’re hard to please!  Try this: She’s on the run from a crazed, psycho killer, ex-husband, and he’s a marshal who thinks she may be a murderer. (Never Trust a Pretty Wolf)

Oh, you like that better? Good. How about this one: Thirty years after his father’s assassination, he and a beautiful physicist set out to prove that his mother wasn’t the assassin. Their only problem is that the real assassin is still very much alive and doesn’t want them to expose him.

Now you're talking!  I like that last one too. It's called Blue 52, and I just love it. It would make a super movie. Uh, you don't know anybody in Hollywood, do you? If so, put in a good word for me. Tell your contact that they can get a copy of the book at

I'll come back later with an excerpt for you. Oh, wait. I forgot to say that I'll give away an electronic copy of Return Engagement. Blue 52 is the sequel to Return Engagement. All you have to do is become a follower of my blog. You can find the blog at Then leave a comment on one of my posts  here at the party pavilion telling me that you've followed. I'll pick a winner tonight. 


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Catherine Lee said...

I knew all of those movies. My favorite is WALL E. I just BAWL like a baby every time I watch that movie.

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