Sunday, March 2, 2014

Just living my life-er-afterlife By Skye Mertz PLUS giveaway!

Just Living My Afterlife
By Skye Mertz
from Broken Hearted Ghoul
First book in the Taxi for the Dead Paranormal Mysteries
By Joyce and Jim Lavene

You know, it seems like only yesterday I was working as a Nashville, Tennessee police officer, and then WHAM! I was dead.

Life was good. I loved my husband, Jacob. We had a good relationship. I mean, nothing is ever perfect, right? The not-so-perfect part of it was living with my mother-in-law, Addie. She was kind of a pain.

But back to the undead thing.

Jacob and I both loved our daughter, Kate. We were looking forward to seeing her grow up - maybe even having another child or two. He worked as a police officer too. That's how we met.

We went out to celebrate our anniversary - nice dinner, a few drinks. Some clown comes up a steep hill, bright lights blaring, and is going to hit us head on. Jacob swerves off the road to avoid the collision.

Instead, we collide with the mother of all boulders, sitting peacefully in the middle of the forest.

Now, Jacob and I are both dead, and all those dreams we had are gone. I had to make a choice about dying - or serving Abraham Lincoln Jones for the next twenty years. Naturally, I chose to stay alive for Kate's sake.

Now I drive Abe's taxi for the dead - picking up his other undead workers when it's time for them to go. We each only get twenty years, but I figure in my case, that's enough. Kate will be an adult, and this will all be over.

In the meantime, Addie is dead too. She came back as a ghost to help me take care of Kate. She's still a pain, but at least we both have Kate's best interests at heart.

So now I'm just an ordinary single mom, trying to keep everything together. Picking up undead workers who aren't always ready to go - and sometimes using my police training to track down unwanted ghouls.

Just living my afterlife the best I can.

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Joyce and Jim Lavene write bestselling mystery together. They have written and published more than 60 novels for Harlequin, Berkley and Gallery Books along with hundreds of non-fiction articles for national and regional publications. Pseudonyms include J.J. Cook, Ellie Grant, Joye Ames and Elyssa Henry. They live in rural North Carolina with their family, their rescue animals, Quincy - cat, Stan Lee - cat, and Rudi - dog. 


Catherine Lee said...

I like the premise. It sounds interesting. Jacob didn't get the same offer?

Unknown said...

Nope. He was dead at the scene.