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Q&A with Stephanie Burkhart about The Green Rose, a fantasy romance

QUESTION 1: What's "The Green Rose" about?"

STEPH: The story takes place on the mythical continent of Gaia. There are 4 allied nations: N'Gasse, Tapin, Daháka, and Ravenrock. The evil mage, Balthyser, betrays Tapin and the allied nations. Seeking power, he unleashes the fearsome wyldebeasts on Gaia. Sonia of Tapin and Ivánstan of Daháka are tasked to find the green rose in the hopes of harnessing the magic and defeating Balthyser.

QUESTION 2: How long did it take you to write?

STEPH: About 3 months. I started in September and finished in November. It was a very fluid write and the characters really dictated the direction of the story.

QUESTION 3: Did you have to do a lot of research?

STEPH: I did a bunch of research on dragon myths and legends. I also researched falcons and ravens. I learned a lot of interesting things about the birds and I tried to weave the more interesting aspects into the story.

QUESTION 4: Hollywood is calling. Cast the characters.

STEPH: I see Rhona Mitra (from Underworld 3) as Sonia and Kellan Lutz (think Immortals) as Ivánstan. Ian McKellan is my choice for the evil mage Balthyser. Meryl Streep would make a great Queen Rowan and Colin Firth would be my pick for King Talas of Ravenrock.

QUESTION 5: Sonia is the heroine. What are her strengths? Weaknesses?

STEPH: Sonia was told that magic wasn't strong in her so she was raised to be skilled with a sword. Sonia is brave and determined, but after Gabriel's betrayal, she's a lot less trusting. Her weaknesses would be her lack of training in magic and her fear of trusting again. Ivánstan has to work hard to earn her trust.

QUESTION 6:  What does Ivánstan find appealing about Sonia?

STEPH: She's just as fearless as him and enjoys a good adventure. That's what he's looking for in a soulmate.

QUESTION 7: How does the cover reflect the story?

STEPH: The green rose is a powerful magical instrument and can influence magical beings. Sonia is the one most affected by the rose. The rose helps her to find the courage to deepen her relationships.

QUESTION 8: Are you a plotter or a panster?

STEPH: A panster for sure!  When I start, I plot the first 3 chapters and when I'm done with them I let the characters decide where they want to go.

QUESTION 9: Do you have an ebook reader? If so, which one?

STEPH: I have a Kindle Fire and a Kindle 2. I love my Kindle 2 because it has text to speech and I can listen to it in the car going to work. I love my Kindle Fire for the color, the apps, the games, and the videos.

QUESTION 10: Fun question: Any plans for March?

STEPH: Stay warm! It's a bit chilly out my way right now. 

On the continent of Gaia, evil is brewing. Turncoat wizard, Balthyser, kidnaps the kings of Dahaka and Tapin. He wants the green rose, a source of powerful magic.

Princess Sonia of Tapin is forced to hunt down the rose in exchange for her father's life. It's the ultimate betrayal of Gaia's peace, but she has no choice if she wants to save her father. 

Prince Ivanstan of Dahaka accompanies her on the journey. Both face challenges and obstacles that test their strength of character during the hunt for the rose. Dare Sonia put her trust and faith in a man she hardly knows to secure Gaia's peace or will the continent's harmony be shattered forever? 


4 Stars, InD'Tales Magazine: JUL/AUG 2013
"An engaging tale with a complete story all wrapped up in one tidy package." - Leslie Stokes, InD'Tales Magazine. 

5 Stars, Scorching Book Reviews
I don't read much romantic fantasy, but this was so well structured and so lovely, I could not put it down. 

4 Stars, Laura Carter for Reader's Favorites:
I loved the characters of Ivánstan and Sonia and the romance growing between them is sweet and believable.

Book Trailer:

The Green Rose is available as an ebook only.





Author Bio: Stephanie Burkhart is a 911 Dispatcher for LAPD. She adores chocolate, enjoys a strong cup of coffee and is a den leader for her son's cub scout den in her off duty time. 







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