Sunday, March 2, 2014

Meet the hero from Untangle My Heart by Maria K. Alexander

Welcome back. Today, I’ve been talking about my contemporary romance, Untangle My Heart. Next up…let’s talk about my favorite subject…the fabulously sexy hero of Untangle MyHeart. Edward Weston is a reformed British playboy with a somewhat disreputable past. He’s six-feet of lean, sexy male who looks equally good wearing an Armani suit or jeans and a sweater. When he returns to London after a brief fling with the heroine, no one could be more surprised than he to learn he misses the fiery-tempered Kate. When he moves to New York City he’s determined to rekindle his affair with Kate and is disappointed when she refuses. When she seeks his help getting her family’s new restaurant off the ground, he jumps at the opportunity to show he’s more than a one-night stand.

Physical Characteristics: Dark brown hair, slightly long at the collar. 6’, blue-grey eyes.
Age: 33
Primary Strength: strong people skills
Fatal Flaw: Fear of commitment
3 Things Value Most in Life: Relationship with his twin brother, Security, living in the moment
Fettish: he likes expensive clothes
Pet peeve about the heroine:  stubbornness & refusal to accept help
What scares him most about the heroine: that he’s not worthy of her

Here's an excerpt describing Edward, written from Kate’s point of view.

She turned to the entryway as all six feet of Edward Weston strolled through the doorway, a blast of cold November air following him. Dark brown hair tousled from the wind and a day’s worth of beard only enhanced his distractingly good looks. A cocky grin greeted her when his blue-gray eyes met hers and held. Her heart skipped a beat before resuming at a rapid pace. Damn him. Why couldn’t Charles have come instead? Then she wouldn’t be forced to see this man’s full lips and remember how fantastic they’d felt.

Up next...come meet the secondary characters in Untangle MyHeart.

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