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Deleted Scene From Holding Her Close by Allyson Lindt, & a Giveaway

First Loves and How They Met

Rae and Zach have lived in my head longer than almost any other character, and as a result I have a good idea of about 90% of their backstory. At one point, I even thought their tale would be told in a young adult universe.

I never got very far with that venture, but I did write out the day they actually met. 

Deleted Scene

Rae stuffed her books in her locker, grabbed the brown paper bag with her lunch in it, and let the wave of students wash her down the stairs and towards the cafeteria. Before she reached the common area, a glance through a side door replaced her irritation with a smile. She peeled away from the throng and made a beeline for the empty spot under a tree at the edge of the lawn.

She rested her back against the trunk and stretched her legs out. The sun was high enough that the warmth hit her feet, but the branches canopied out to shade the rest of her.

“Excuse me,” a male voice interrupted.

She looked up to find a pair of steel blue eyes watching her, and heat flooded her cheeks.

“It’s Rae, right?” he asked

She nodded, and pulled her knees to her chest.

“I’m Zach. We kind of, but not really, met at registration.”

She nodded again. She recognized the blond hair that just brushed his ears, and the clothes that looked like they cost more than her entire wardrobe and hung nicely off his frame.

“You’ve got one of the best spots out here, and I was wondering if maybe I could share it with you?” He asked.

She nodded a third time and scooted aside to make room.

“Are you sure?” He sat across from her. “I mean, if you’d rather be alone…”

“You’re fine.” She cringed inwardly at the feathery whisper of her voice.

He grinned. “So you do talk. I was starting to worry you didn’t like me.”

She swallowed and forced the breathiness from her voice. “It’s not that. I’m just shy.”

He stretched his legs out until they rested parallel to hers. “I saw you with your friends, you’re not shy.”

He was so at ease, why couldn’t she do that? “Not with them, I know them.”

“So now you know me too.”

He made it sound so simple. Her mouth twisted in exasperation. “It’s not the same.”

“Why not?”

“I’ve known them for a long time,” she explained. “If I say something stupid in front of them, they expect it. If I say something in front of you, and you don’t know what to make of it, then I have to eat lunch alone.”

His face scrunched up in thought, and then he looked at her again. “And if you don’t say anything, I’ll leave anyway.”

“But at least then I won’t spend the rest of my high school career wondering if it was something I said.” What was she doing? This had to rank near the top of saying embarrassing things.

Her self-consciousness floated away when he laughed. A genuine, clear sound. “You’re doing fine so far,” he assured her. “Don’t worry so much.”

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When heartbreak and betrayal define a billionaire playboy’s past, the last thing he needs is to fall for the one woman who can save his company. See how it all started in the prequel to Allyson Lindt’s Bits & Bytes series. Holding Her Close is a sexy, contemporary romance about first loves and second chances.

Zach is haunted by ex-girlfriends. The day his fiancĂ©e dumped him she also sold her shares of his multi-billion dollar corporation. On top of that, that girl who broke his heart in high school – the only woman he’s never been able to forget – is back in his life. She’s filling his business partner’s head with delusions of recovering from the hostile takeover, and haunting his most vivid fantasies. But he’s got a plan to solve half the problem: one night together and they can put the past behind them.

It’s been years since Rae talked to her high school sweetheart. But running in the same circles –her best friend is his business partner – has caught up to her. Rae is seeing Zach everywhere, including her explicit, rampant imagination. When he proposes a single night together for closure, she hopes it will be just what she needs to move on.

The past and the present intertwine as “Just this once” becomes “Just one more time.” Especially when Rae discovers the solution to Zach’s business problems. Can he trust her enough to risk his heart and livelihood a second time, or will experience convince him to walk away from everything?

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