Sunday, March 2, 2014

Increasing Numbers of College Girls Working
as Professional Girlfriends

When you can't find a job and your college loans loom, you get desperate. These days, this dire situation is more common than ever before.

So it is just this kind of economic desperation that has lured thousands of young women into the world of sugar dating. College students, dropouts and recent grads have been signing up in droves on the online sites that match up young coeds with rich older men. It's as easy as regular online dating, but for profit.
Welcome to the sugar world.

Steven Pasternack, who founded in 2002, defends his business model as just another update to modern romance. "I helped my wife get through school, I pay for the bills, take her on trips, buy her nice gifts," he told CNN. "I guess you could say a lot of married guys are sugar daddies without them realizing it. I think you can say basically any guy who wants to impress a woman is a sugar daddy."

Not exactly. But the website has made him a very wealthy guy.

Same for Brandon Wade, the founder of He met his own wife on his site, so he's put his money where his mouth is. (Did I just say that?) His site attracts a growing percentage of college coeds. He has stated that sugar babies who claim they want money for college find more sugar daddies to hook up with than those who say they need the money for other purposes. Sugar daddies seem to like thinking that they are furthering a young woman's education, rather than just getting her to take her clothes off for cash.

Sugar dating could be considered illegal in some states and defined under the law as prostitution according to state statutes, but legal authorities have not pursued the sugar dating websites or the users. Why? Because sugar dating has been cleverly marketed as trading a young person's company for an older person's cash, not sex for pay. Participants discuss their relationships one-on-one, with details of the arrangements determined in private.

Sugar babies admit they often get paid after a date that is predominantly sex. This used to be called prostitution.

Some sugar babies are offered expensive gifts like jewelry, cars, condos, and trips to faraway places. Such gifts are impractical for students in need of rent and loan money. But these kinds of perks can convince a young person that every sexual relationship requires a financial payoff. Once a sugar baby goes back to regular dating, she might be disappointed.

Wealthy older men who choose to pay college girls for their company are seeking autonomy and control in a sexual relationship. There is no question who holds the power. And there is no need for intimacy when a relationship is a business arrangement. In many ways, the sugar world is good for the men, who remain in control and get their sexual needs met. But the end results for college girls might not be as satisfying. Prostitution has never been viewed as the most lucrative or emotionally rewarding career choice.
Despite the pitfalls for women, or maybe because of them, I find the subculture fascinating. This is why I've explored the sugar world in my new romantic thriller, Sugar Babies (Champagne Books). The novel examines the underworld of sugar dating via fictional characters. Their world is enticing but dirty—and more dangerous than they thought. A fun read, a thought provoking cultural phenomenon.
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