Sunday, March 2, 2014

Epilepsy Awareness Month & Five Corners

So you may or may not know that March is Epilepsy Awareness month! My 16-year old daughter, Cait, has had epilepsy her who life and is a huge advocate for the disorder (you can follow her on Twitter @sandpapersmiles or at her blog

With some friends she created the Epilepsy Awareness Squad (follow them on Twitter @easquad and check out their website: These kids are amazing and totally inspire me. Last month they released their first short film, Epilepsy: A Definition of Courage (it’s on Youtube:

One of my characters in Five Corners, Thia, has Epilepsy. Like my daughter, she suffers from ongoing generalized seizures but in Five Corners there is no treatment for such a condition. Thia has suffered from the social stigma that is often associated with Epilepsy. She spends most of her time with her sisters and in the kitchen at the Inn, where she feels safe.

But Thia’s Epilepsy also comes with a gift. Her seizures often result in visions that, although are often difficult to decipher, have proven to save people’s lives.

Thia also has a secret that isn’t related her Epilepsy – at least she doesn’t think it is. Thia can Dreamwalk. She’s been doing it since she was six years old. And she’s never met anyone else who can do it. But she does have a special friend in her Dreamwalks. His name is Teague and he’s a few years older than her. He found her on her first Dreamwalk, ten years ago, and even though he’s only a dream friend, he is her best friend. Teague knows almost everything about Thia. He’s always there for her. Even though she’s lonely sometimes, all she has to do is go to sleep and find Teague in the dreamscape. Then she’s not so alone.

No one knows about Thia’s Dreamwalks. At first she kept them to herself because she wanted to have a small piece of her life that was private and her own. But as she got older, it just seemed silly to talk about the life she lived in dreams. She didn’t think her sisters would understand and she was sure that Kiara would tease her.

When Kiara comes home from her trip and tells Thia that they have three strangers staying at the Inn, Thia isn’t too concerned. Even when she meets Weylon, the older man who makes her skin crawl just a bit and Caedmon, the monster of a man who clearly was once a soldier in the Five Corners, Thia isn’t too worried. But then she meets the younger brother. And all at once she has to accept that Teague is real.  Not only that he remembers their Dreamwalks. And what was a private fantasy world, suddenly becomes a reality that Thia isn’t ready to face.

I’m donating 10% of all profits from the sale of Five Corners to Epilepsy programs for the month of March. And on Purple Day (March 26th) I’ll be donating 50% of my profits!

Five Corners: Book 1 of the Marked Ones is available in the US through Barnes & Noble:

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