Sunday, March 2, 2014

Five Corners - A Story and a Giveaway!

So here we are at the first blog launch for Five Corners! So exciting (and a bit freaky, too).

I thought about what I wanted to write in this blog and I had a bunch of ideas. I just watched Frozen this weekend for the first time and LOVED it so I could always write about that!  The Academy Awards are on tonight and we’re going to watch them at home so that's a possible topic, right? It snowed a ton over the last few days here even though it’s now March and I’m dying for spring to arrive (what’s more interesting than the weather?).

But then I thought this particular day of blogging should really be about Five Corners, itself. To let people know what the book is about and to share a bit about each main character.

So let me start with this post and telling you the story of Five Corners and why you should read it!  I promise this won’t be a sales pitch just a little tale about Kiara, Thia and Mina and their adventures.

Five Corners is actually the name of the land where the story takes place. Almost at the very centre of the Five Corners is the Inn, where three sisters live with their adopted mother. The girls are fairly happy with their lives (although Mina does long to travel and see the Five Corners and Kiara is having trouble making friends since all the Village lads have started to talk about her). Thia is completely satisfied to stay in the family Inn, making most of the meals and enjoying the domestic safety the Inn provides. It’s almost an idyllic existence.

Until Kiara see the dead child with the Mark. And suddenly everything changes.

The Mark looks like this:

 The girls have always had the Mark and, to be honest, they have never questioned it. This might seem odd since they know they are adopted and not blood related but, for whatever reason, the Mark just hasn’t seemed that important. And anyway their mother, Brijit, has always forbidden any talk about the Mark. The one time Kiara tried to ask about it when she was twelve, Brijit told her that it was nothing to talk of.

Over the years, the girls just kind of assumed that they were the only ones who had the Mark. And it didn’t bother them, so they ignored it and almost forgot about it.

But when Kiara saw the same Mark on the dead girl’s shoulder and Brijit admitted that there had been other Marked Ones killed, Kiara became determined to get to the bottom of the mystery of the Mark.

Unfortunately, before she could do so Brijit was called away to deliver a baby and then three strangers arrived at the Inn. And that’s when the sleepy little Village suddenly became a filled with uncertainty and danger. And soon the sisters would find they had to leave or risk losing their lives.


The giveaway! I haven't forgotten about the giveaway in my subject line. I'm offering 3 signed copies of Five Corners today. To enter you just have to comment on this (or one of the other posts I make today). I will draw the winner after 6pm (PST) tonight! Good luck!

Five Corners: Book 1 of the Marked Ones is available in the US through Barnes & Noble:

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petoskystone said...

Neat intro! Up on the wish list it goes :)

Cathi said...

Hey, you won a signed copy of my book. Send your snail mail address to and I'll get it in the mail to you asap! Congrats!