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FREE copy of Somebody to Love! (Giveaway!)

Would you like a FREE copy of Somebody to Love?

Connecting emotionally with people is why writers write. I think all authors would agree that reader feedback is all-important. Without reader/reviewers most authors would possibly sink without trace. Five star reviews are fabulous, of course they are ~ the sense of relief, disbelief, and absolute euphoria when you get a five star makes many years of blood, sweat and tears worthwhile. All reviews are important, though. Feedback is how we learn and grow as writers. I would therefore love to offer anyone who would be prepared to write an honest review of Warrant for Love (newly released and feeling a bit lonely :() a free Kindle or pdf copy of Somebody to Love. 

Anyone interested, will need to click on the Facebook link at the bottom of this post, ‘like’ my Author page, and then message me privately with their email address. For interest, I’ve popped two further reviews of Somebody to Love below:

Another hilarious tale from a fabulous author who never fails to make me laugh out loud lots! The first book of Sheryl’s that I read was only a few weeks ago, it was called Recipes for Distaster and my review can be found here. I couldn't wait to get started on this one, and once again, she has managed to produce another fantastic rib tickler!
Single Mom Donna has a bullying and cheating ex-husband and even though they’re not together anymore, he still thinks he can control her life and mess their son about as and when he feels like it. She meets Mark, a single dad and policeman, and they hit it off immediately and would like their relationship to develop. He wants to look after her and protect her and she wants to share her life with him.

Mark, is keeping a secret from her though and the secret is that his son Karl is autistic. He hasn’t told her about him yet, as in the past, people have not accepted his son and girlfriends have found it too much for them. Unbeknown to both of them, Donna is actually helping out at the centre that Karl goes to as she really feels that helping children such as Karl is her vocation in life and she wants to do this for a full time job.

They send each other many mixed messages and there are many hilarious moments when he thinks one thing and she thinks another and they totally get their wires crossed all the time, each not really knowing how the other feels.

This really is a wonderful story, not only is it a really lovely feel-good read, it also enabled me to learn a lot more about autism - a subject that I’ve been quite ignorant of in the past and I felt that reading about it in this way was a nice way for me to learn more.

A beautiful thing happens to Karl when he gets a “friend” who is specially trained to help him through a lot of everyday situations he normally finds difficult and the way that it is written in the book is truly heart-warming and positively enchanting!

Sheryl’s writing is fabulous. She manages to make you laugh out loud constantly and her stories are so natural and true to life. You always feel like you’d like to meet the characters in her books, they are always so genuine and sincere and you want them to be your friends. They are the sort of people you live next door to. Reading about them is completely effortless, the pages turn themselves and you just can’t put the book down.

The parts when Donna meets up with the woman that her husband went off with were just hysterical and Donna does and says everything that we probably all would want to do and say in that situation.

Her work is always amusing and a true pleasure to read. A wonderful reading experience which I thoroughly enjoyed! It also has a perfect ending in my opinion, and was exactly what I wished for.
Kim The Book Worm

Somebody to love is that rare breed, a book that I wished I had written myself. I was miffed that real life intervened and I had to occasionally put the book down before I had finished.It has the lot, romance, heart ache giggles and cute animals.As someone who has worked with special needs children for many years I thought the autistic child Karl was very true to life.It is very sensitively written. I was rooting for Donna and Mark from page one. Read this book, you won't be disappointed.

Amazon Review: topcarping

Emotions! From love to hate and everything in between--you'll experience every emotion in "Somebody to Love." This book had me feeling sympathy for Donna after her breakup, anger towards her husband, and disdain for his new flame, all the while chuckling to myself at Donna's way of handling the situations she's faced with. Donna's new love interest, Mark, captures our hearts, not only with his good looks and suave manners, but with his dedication to Karl, his autistic son.  Sheryl Browne does an excellent job of portraying, step by step, the breakthroughs made in Karl's development. She incorporates these events into her story in bits and bites for us to savour along the way. If you want a "feel good" story that will involve your emotions, read "Somebody to Love." Just be sure to set aside some spare time because you won't want to put this book down.

Amazon Review: Anneli

Somebody to Love I read on my Kindle and loved it. Filled with emotion and laughter, you will laugh out loud and every now and then you'll shed a tear. A great read to settle down with and forget about everything else.

Amazon Review: Pauline “Barclay”

Once you have written a review for Warrant for Love and sent me the link, I’ll send you a copy of Somebody to Love promptly! Obviously a review for that book would be tremendously appreciated, too!

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