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Reviews for Rake's Honour

by Beverley Oakley

Earlier today I talked about William Thackeray's feisty heroine, Becky Sharp being the inspiration for my heroine, Fanny Brightwell, in my recent release, Rake's Honour.

I know it sounds like bragging, but all the reviews so far have been really positive and I wanted to post a few of them. So, I hope you'll indulge me...

Just Erotic Romance Reviews gave me the following fabulous 5-star review for Rake’s Honour...
Title: Rake’s Honour
Author: Beverly G Oakley
Publisher: Total E Bound Reviewer: Barbara McCormick
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat Level: O
Fanny Brightwell must find a husband or be married off to the odious Lord Slyther. Her first attempt at doing so leads her into a compromising position, from which she is rescued by the dangerous rogue Viscount Fenton. Fenton discovers that the memory of Fanny’s kisses haunt him. The two meet at a ball and have an unexpectedly passionate encounter. Afterward, Fenton offers to set her up as his mistress. Since her family’s fortunes rest on her ability to marry well, Fanny must take control of the situation.
The characters in Rake’s Honour, a Regency romance, leap off the page and into the reader’s heart. Fanny is well aware of her obligations to her family, yet yearns to find a husband she can love. Fenton has outgrown his childish excesses and is ready to settle down with a wife. The heat between these two practically sets fire to the pages, a mean trick for an e-book! Ms. Oakley brings the setting and time period to life without lengthy descriptions of society’s strict rules. The sex, oh my goodness, the sex is hot and in unusual settings as Fenton and Fanny must hide what they are up to from the eyes of judgmental society.
Supporting characters like Fanny’s younger sister and her friend and confidante, Lord Quamby, bring added life to a lush story. The pacing is just perfect, keeping you in your chair reading right through to the end. The “mamas” are ever present, placing demands on their children to marry well for family’s sake. In the end, Rake’s Honour is about satisfying society’s demands while still finding ways to remain true to oneself and one’s heart. For these reasons, Rake’s Honour earns an honored spot on my re-read stack.

BookedUp Reviews gave me - 5 Stars
Reviewer: Dolce Amore
I usually don’t like to read too many historical books because I find them boring, unreal, or full of errors. But this one was wonderful! 
Miss Fanny Brightwell has to marry a rich man because her father lost everything before he died. When Alverley, the man Miss Fanny hoped to marry tells her that he wants her just as his mistress, she is devastated; that means that she'll have to marry the pestilential Lord Slyther, but that night she meets Viscount Fenton. 
At first, Lord Fenton wants to marry her… however, after some lies by a jealous man and some misunderstandings he believes that Miss Fanny was a consummate lover and he offers carte blanche instead. 
What a splendid book! I loved every moment of it. Ms. Beverley Oakley created an original and amazing plot. She keeps our attention through the whole book. And the characters… what can I say? Outstanding! I loved Miss Fanny and adore Lord Fenton. I enjoyed their misunderstanding and I was delighted by their torrid and passionate meetings. And the end… made me burst out laughing. It rocks! 
5 stars for her and I can hardly wait to read her new release… Ms. Beverley Oakley, I’m not above begging for more! I expect I won’t have to wait too much longer for it, you are now one of my favorite writers. 
Publisher: Total E-Bound
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders
Posted by Booked UP

ManicReaders Review 
Reviewer: IvyD 
Fanny Brightwell is desperate to make a match that will please her mother. If she doesn’t she’ll be betrothed to the corpulent and repugnant Lord Slyther, a truly apt appellation.
A chance encounter with a virile, handsome masked pirate at a Vauxhall Garden masquerade sets in motion events that will either raise Fanny to the heights or dash her, and by extension her family, on the rocks below.
Fanny Brightwell is trapped and desperate, her emotions are vividly conveyed; especially when the contrast between the man she desires, Lord Fenton, and the man her mother has forced her to become betrothed to, Lord Slyther, is so stark. Unlike most other girls of her era Fanny wants to feel something other than revulsion for her husband. This desire and desperation leads Fanny to take chances. Fanny is an intelligent, witty heroine. Never did she come across as mealy or wimpy. She always discovered her backbone, bucked up and fought back. My kinda heroine.
Said chances lead Fanny to Felix Linley, Lord Fenton. Fenton has returned from his wild oats sowing to find a bride and settle into the duties required of his title, not the least of which is an heir. If only he could find someone who intrigued him, kept his attention and interest; someone like the masked Lady of Troy he’d “rescued” at Vauxhall Gardens. 
Fenton is handsome, intelligent, sexy, and honorable. He’s all you could wish for in a hero. 
Fenton and Fanny come face to face, unmasked this time, at Lord Quamby’s ball. Fenton discovers the woman who so captured him isn’t a Cyprian as he’d imagined but a true lady of the haut ton.
Fanny is terrified Fenton will reveal their encounter, thereby ruining her chances with even Lord Slyther, leading her family to destitution and life on the streets.
Other than the hero/heroine, my favorite character is Lord Quamby. I confess to a fondness for eccentrics. He’s the catalyst for so much of the daring from Fanny that ensues. 
What started as a predictable easy read wasn’t. Rake’s Honour delighted me by sweeping me along on Fanny’s daring attempt to live life on her terms with a man of her choosing. I actually laughed at endings wicked little twist.
Reading Rake’s Honour is time well spent.

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