Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Character Interview with Shade and Lily

Hi y’all! I’m Carrie Ann Ryan and I’m super excited to be here today with my characters, Lily and Shade. They’re from my latest release, Dust of My Wings. This is a new book in a new series for me!! Yep, I’m writing about angels this time. *grins* Let’s get started!

Carrie Ann: *sits in a plush arm chair across from the duo currently snuggling in the love seat* Hey, guys. I’m soo happy to see you again.

Shade: *lifts his head from Lily’s neck* It's good to see you again, Carrie Ann.

Lily: *blushes* Oh yes, thank you so much for having us here today.

Carrie Ann: Okay then, let's get started. Lily, what did you do when you found out the supernaturals were real?

Lily: Dear Lord, I was a crazy lunatic. Don’t you remember, Shade?

Shade: Grins, oh yeah, I remember, you were naked at the time.

Lily: *hits Shade in the shoulder* Really? You’re going to bring that up now?

Carrie Ann: I think I might've freaked out as well. No wait, I think I did freak out.

Lily: See? I'm not the only one.

Shade: Yeah, but I think the naked part helped.

Carrie Ann: And that's enough of that. I love how you guys interact with each other, was it always this easy?

Lily: Oh God no. When I first met him I don't think my tongue could work.

Shade: It works well now.

Lily: *turns a deep red and punches Shade in the shoulder* Really? I can't believe he just said that.

Shade: Apparently my mind is only on one thing.

Carrie Ann: I'm sure the ladies love that.

Lily: Hey! There better not be any other ladies loving that, he's mine.

Carrie Ann: I should've said Lily loves that. Sorry. *rolls her eyes*

Shade: But anyway, back to your question, it was a bit different when we met. I had to be secretive because she held my dust and that was something I needed to protect my brethren. But over time I think we got passed insecurities on both our parts.

Carrie Ann: I'm glad you did. Okay what can you tell us about the future.

Lily: Oh, I think you know more about that than we do.

Carrie Ann: *winks* very well, but why don’t you tell me what you two are planning on doing. I can figure out the others on my own.

Shade: Right now were taking it one day at a time, and getting to know each other even more.

Lily: *leans into his side* And I'm enjoying every bit of it.

Carrie Ann: Okay, now for the fun questions. Boxers or briefs?

Shade: None.

Lily: *blushes* I can attest to that.

Carrie Ann: *blushes right alongside Lily and clears her throat* What’s your favorite type of ice cream?

Shade: Strawberry, because it reminds me the taste of Lily skin.

Carrie Ann: Is it getting hot in here?

Lily: Chocolate is mine, because the decadent taste reminds me of Shade.

Carrie Ann: *shifts on her seat as the other two stare at each other* Okay, I may have to call this 
interview over because you two are obviously not paying attention to me.


Carrie Ann: On that note, I'm going to let the angel and his love swoon over each other while I answer some questions. And, if I can get their attention, I'm sure you can ask him some questions as well. Thank you so much for coming today.

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I love reading character interview. Great job!
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I like character interviews. Lily sounds fun!
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Loved the interview! How are your angels different from others?
Thanks for sharing, Carrie Ann! :)
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