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Creating a New World with Dust of My Wings

Creating a New World

First, thank you so much for having me today. So how is the author's mind work? For me, I think of the characters in the world comes from that. Each time I created a new world, have to be consistent, but I can be as dramatic as I feel like. That's where world building comes in. Each time we create a new species have to make sure that you have their powers, characteristics, descriptions down pat. Especially when you're in a series, and a little small tidbit of knowledge that you said in chapter 2 a book 1 may actually be important in chapter 12 book 7.
In my Dante's Circle series, I have the seven book series in which I'm creating a whole new world, that is outside of my Redwood Pack world. Meaning, I had to make sure that each species and supernatural are consistent with themselves. In order to do this, I use Microsoft OneNote. Each book has a different tab and with each tab, I have serious outline character outline character descriptions and then species descriptions. And I have an overall book Bible that combines these tabs I can do a quick glance at what I need.
So unlike my Redwood Pack series in which I have demons, witches, werewolves, I have a lot more going on this time. I have angels, demons, wolf shifters, bear shifters, Fae, mermen, brownies, pixies, cats, and many, many more. And so each time I do this, I need to make sure I'm consistent with myself, and actually interesting. You don't want to have each supernatural have the same exact thing. That would get a little boring.
Now, I do use an online resource about magical beings to at least get an idea of what I wanted. But as I kept reading through the mythologies, it wasn't exactly what I wanted. So ended up taking that and evolving it into something that was my own. So yes, I do cite them, but it really wasn't my overall arc.
In my world, humans are not merely humans. They are diluted versions of supernaturals who over time forgot the meaning of magic and what goes bump in the night. But because it's still inherent in their DNA, something can make all of that change, and bring back that latent feature in and make it dominant. That's why so excited about this, because I get to go crazy and do it ever I want in my own world. As long as I'm consistent with myself. That's why I love reading fiction and paranormal books. You don't have to stick to the normal rules, but you have to stick to your own rules.
So what is it that you guys love about breaking open new worlds? What are your favorite types of supernaturals? Do you like that have the same tendencies in care services in each book by different authors? Or do you like it when an author goes off the path and makes it her own?

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Catherine Lee said...

I haven't read a whole lot of supernatural stories. I like ghosts and shifters (cats). A book including Amazon women would be nice.

Often, I don't like getting caught up in long series and I'm not necessarily loyal to an author. If the story and reviews sound appealing to me, I'll read it. I'm not one to wait expectantly for an author's next book to come out. Just because I liked the last book doesn't necessarily mean I'll like the next one.
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