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What people are saying about Moving On: A Prairie Romance

Author: Annette Bower
Title: Moving On A Prairie Romance
Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance
Publisher: XoXo Publishing ™
Pages: 118 pages
Cost of Book: $3.49
ISBN: 978-1-927027-82-0
Release date: Dec. 2011

In “Moving On: A Prairie Romance”, Annette Bower explores the
redemptive power of affection. When we meet Nick and Anna, the
characters at the centre of the novel, both are reeling from
devastating personal tragedies, and both are fearful of making a
connection that would open them to future pain. In the course of the
novel, Nick and Anna slowly but surely learn to trust and to hope.
Bower’s warm tale of the coming together of her two very likable
protagonists is told with a keen eye and an understanding heart. This
lake-side romance is perfect summer reading.
….Gail Bowen, author of the Joanne Kilbourn series.


I have just been reading MOVING ON on my Kindle. It's lovely, Annette--
a gentle, feel-good book with a nice variety of individualized
characters and a positive over-all message. The familiar setting was a
treat too. Congratulations! I would recommend it.
…Mary Balogh, New York Times Best Seller

I just finished reading Moving On-A Prairie Romance. I really enjoyed the book, brought back lots of memories of life at Regina Beach. I am currently reading a book by Nora Roberts and I have to say that I am having trouble getting it done, there is nothing there that holds my attention.

I have to say that I am not fond of reading on the computer it would not be my first choice, but having said that I was drawn to the desk so that I could finish the story. It was a nice, light easy read totally enjoyable. It is so special to have a friend who has accomplished such a feat. Congratulations. ~Carol A Reader~

Moving On-A Prairie Romance is a tale for everyone. While readers of Romance will
identify with Bower's characters who, having been hurt by loss, are
caught in the age-old fear of unending pain but bravely do more
than endure, this novel is for those who either have or wish to leave
the bustle of city life for the peace of the country. Her people are
so real, they almost leap off the page and you swear they live just
down the road from you. Read on and Move on with them.
~Byrna Barclay, Award-winning author of novels and short story collections~

Moving On- A Prairie Romance
Having read many romance novels over the years, I was pleasantly surprised to find a new variation on an old theme. A modern-day tale of a soldier coming to terms with his limitations resulting from a war-related injury. A practical heroine, at a turning point in her life, attempting to overcome personal tragedy by moving to a new community, and establishing new relationships. The characters are credible and relatable, and the love story is inspiring.

~Stephanie D.A Reader~

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I am offering the gift of Moving On: A Prairie Romance to a comment posted during this release party, about Moving On or later Woman of Substance. I will place the names in a computer program and the winner will be notified. I will ask for their preference of Kindle, XoXo epub or ARE format.

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