Sunday, August 5, 2012

Blood Betrayed: Villains

For some, the villain is merely a necessary evil, a requirement for conflict but often an odious task for the writer who prefers to focus on the romance. While I love the happily ever after, I relish writing villains. It's in the bad guy (or lady) that I am allowed to express all those anti-social and downright wicked ideas that no decent hero or heroine would ever have (or at least wouldn't admit to!).

The villain in Blood Betrayed and the next book in the series, Blood Spirit (set for release on 9-17) is a vampire named Marc Verrater. Marc is deliciously evil, even worse than the rest of his Archon brethren. Working to fulfill an ancient prophecy that foretold of the Archon takeover and rule of the vampire world, the Archons seek to ferret out the identity of the eight current Sons of Navarus. Marc Verrater is an ambitious man with much bigger plans, but he's stuck in Avignon, France in a dingy suite of offices dealing with court cases involving his fellow vampires. Night after night, he watches a parade of petty criminals file past him as he dreams of reaching the highest levels of power among his fellow Archons.

One good thing about his lower level Archon position is that he has a new girl working for him. Known to him as Lena, she's young, beautiful, and her blood delights him like no other vampire's ever has. For Marc, she serves as a sex slave, but to him, a man of his worth deserves at least that much. It's this attitude that there's nothing that's beyond his reach that makes him so dangerous. Morality and conscience are of no concern to him. He has his eye on the prize, and that means killing as many Sons of Navarus as he can as he climbs to the top of the Archon power structure.

Marc will be around for at least a few more books in the series. Evil without restraint, he's an enemy the Sons will have to defeat if they ever hope to stop the Archon takeover of their world.

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julie beasley said...

he was quite creepy feeling in blood betrayed. a villian we are going to hate more with every book i think. sometimes we end up liking the bad guy because hes so bad, i dont think it will happen in this series. the sons are just so gorgeous