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Erotic Escapades Release Party & 2nd Contest! *Rated R Content*


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One Night Minstrels

by KevaD

She chases the sunrise, hoping for a tomorrow better than the yesterday she wasted. He follows the sunset, seeking one more place to sing his songs. Are they in heaven, or hell? They will have one night to decide.

Taking Chances

by Kate Devlin

Bailey Thorne thought her life was perfect until her husband, TJ, invited one of his band members to move into their renovated barn.
She loves TJ with her heart and soul, so why does Drew rouse feelings of tenderness and arousal inside her, as well?

TJ, who loves any excuse to spank her, forces her to admit her dark desires. To her surprise, he agrees to sound out Drew on the
matter. Once again, she’s in trouble. Can she handle two men spanking her and loving her until she can’t take anymore? She knows even before the fun begins she wants them both with her whole heart. Will one night destroy her marriage or bind them together forever?

Sex Under a Streetlight

by S.D. Grady

Hoping to learn a little bit of life before she heads to college in the fall, Charlie gets lessons in love one hot summer night.

Nocturnal Surrender

by Lorraine Pearl

After two hundred years in exile, vampire Bastian Evanko has come back to earn his brother's respect and plot revenge against the vampire who murdered his love, Elise. In Lansford, PA, The Sin City of the East, Bastian must fight his rebellious nature and learn to control his impulsiveness. When he asks for a private dance, and a bite, from stripper Darling Nikki, he gets far more than he'd bargained for—including another chance at love. But even the love of a beautiful woman isn't enough to sate his need for retribution.

Trick of the Night

by Ash Penn

Desperate for money, exotic dancer Tony has sold practically everything he owns. All he has left is his body. When the opportunity arises to make some quick cash, Tony shoves his principles to one side and offers his services to any man willing to pay for them. The problem is, his first client is nothing like he expected. In fact, Laine Lawson turns out to be more of a trick than Tony could ever imagine.

Midnight Velvet

by Bobbi Romans

In the dark recesses of the exclusive club, Midnight Velvet, fantasies come alive. Unfortunately getting an invite is impossible. Or so Missy Devaroe thought, until one arrived with her name embroidered on it.

But who sent it and why?

Mason McDougal, owner of Midnight Velvet, watches Missy stumble nervously into the club; he knows she's in need of a firm hand and hard

But does she know?

Rusted Rattlsnakes and Lubricated Love

by Cari Silverwood

As sheriff of Rusty Rattlesnake, Rose is used to being on top. Until the day she meets Talon, a bad-ass drifter on a motorcycle who shows her that being on the bottom can be loads of fun.

But things get ugly.

Part-demons, hot up-against-the-wall sex, and alpha men, are a deadly mix. Learning who you are, and what you are, can sure mess up your love life.

A Lovers' Game

by J.S. Wayne

On a rainy night, Paul and Samantha decide to stay in and enjoy each other’s company over cheese and wine while indulging one of their mutual passions: chess. As the game progresses and the stakes get progressively higher, another passion simmers just beneath the surface. In this lovers’ game, the winner takes all...but the loser stands to gain just as much!

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             ** To stir things up--Adjusted the question **

For this round, simply answer from which story does this quote come from? "Can’t have it all in one package. That would spoil it." 

One winner will be selected at 6:30 PM EST from all correct entries and will receive BOTH, a Florida Lottery Ticket AND Romance Novel (will be able to chose from several titles).
MUST be 18 years of age to enter.

Good Luck!

Bobbi ~


Catherine Lee said...

Ash Penn's Trick of the Night. The extended excerpts are delightful. I downloaded my copy from Smashwords. Thanks for the freebie!
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Bobbi Romans said...

Glad you like the excerpts and hope you enjoy the book!


Bobbi Romans said...

Catherine is the winner!

I'll email you in a moment.

NEW Post and Contest about to post...

Catherine Lee said...

Whoo Hoo! Thanks, Bobbi.

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