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Final Steamy Contest-Midnight Velvet-Adult Excerpts

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with an excerpt from my story in this great anthologies, Midnight Velvet.

*Warning Adult Content Notice*


Excerpt from Midnight Velvet

“I apologize for having left my post at the front door but this club is by invitation only.”

Igor, or whatever the fuck his name was, gave her the once over before cocking a brow suggestively. She was being dismissed as he
clearly didn’t think she belonged here.

She glanced at her blouse and realized the white silk, even paired with the leather mini, was probably not apropos for this scene. She toyed with the idea of admitting he was right even while fingering the satiny invite hidden in her handbag. She could still haul ass, but she’d been doing that her whole life.

Taking a deep calming breath, she pulled out the embroidered cloth and maintained direct eye contact.

Igor damn well would not succeed in scaring her off, no matter how he challenged her.

His gaze remained firm, steady, before he seemed to reappraise her.

She swept back the irritating dark lock covering her eye and canted her chin to meet and match his visual challenge.

Ice blue to …well she couldn't see what color his were in the darkness, but she held his attention.

“I apologize kitten, I misjudged you. Follow me to the others.”

Well here went nothing. She took another deep breath and followed him on trembling legs to the end of the corridor, which opened up to a
large round courtyard. Lush and almost tropical in nature with stone benches, hammocks and a neon blue bar resembling lit up ice cubes.

Multiple doors encircled the courtyard's outer edges and an exquisite fountain sat at its center. Moonlight cast down into the fountain as if moon and club had been crafted together in perfect harmony. However, the couples quietly checking her out, unnerved her more than anything else did.

Some wore slinky gowns and ornate chokers, while others wore leather cat suits. Most of the men donned dress suits. How odd, she mused
remembering what she’d expected to find. Leather—lots--of it with whips, chains and cock cages, oh my!

“Welcome.”A deep voice greeted as Missy watched Igor move into the shadows.

Well, well, Mr. Suit headed her way.

“Welcome to Midnight Velvet.” He drawled, rolling his vowels.

“Uh, thanks.” What the hell should she say? Talk about feeling like a duck out of water.

“May I inquire as to whom invited you?” He circled like a shark to prey.

“I haven’t a clue who or why I've been invited.” She held out the silken invite before answering.

“Well I think the why is quite clear, don’t you?” He eyed her up and down as a slow appreciative smile formed.

Crystal-clear understanding dawned about the whole cat got your tongue quote. She fought the blush creeping into her cheeks as she
struggled to form an answer. Mortified when her nipples beaded and her center grew moist at his mere suggestion, she knew why she'd been invited.

She did, she just couldn’t admit it out loud.

“Shy are we?” His eyes turned predatory.

“Gregory, leave her alone. She obviously is and your taunts will only agitate her when she clearly wants to play. Isn’t that right kitten?” A sultry voice scoffed.

What the fuck was up with these people and their endorsement of kitten? It was pissing her off and her fists clenched in irritation.

A leggy blond in a leather cat suit rose and came her way. The one who'd called her kitten too.


“Don’t mind Gregory, he has a terrible bedside manner. We’re waiting on our host to arrive before we can begin playing. You do understand where you are?” she asked running a gloved finger up her ample chest to touch her lips. The leather so tight Missy made out every curve, swell and nip the woman had, and no doubt the woman was more than aware of this. Secretly she admired the blonde's courage to wear such an outfit much less with the bravado as she did.

“Yes, I’m aware of where I am.” Okay, aware may have been overstating things. Deep down she hadn't a clue unless the steamy book or two she'd read counted.

“Good evening everyone, I apologize for my tardiness. A matter arose to which I simply couldn't put off.” Sin laced each syllable that left his mouth.

She turned and fought to keep her jaw from slamming into the floor.

Dead ahead and walking towards the fountain emerged the sexiest man she’d ever seen. Her mouth went dry at the sight of him. Sophistication wrapped up in the packaging of a fine tailored tuxedo, coattails, the works.

Long black shoulder-length hair framed olive toned skin and sexy hypnotic green eyes. Chiseled was the first word to come to mind. A
strong squared jaw and body to fit the mold of perfection completed Mr. Sexy whose look alone screamed, follow me.

Missy caught the whispered name.


“As I am late we will forgo the customary pleasantries. In front of me you will find a black box. You will each reach within the box and draw a name. It's come to my attention many of you have become too accustomed to the other, your moments here too mundane and common. For Midnight Velvet I find this unacceptable. Tonight you will enter the playrooms I so choose, with the party whose name you have randomly drawn. No exceptions shall be accommodated, or else you may leave.”

The room sprang to life; everyone seemed electrified at his words. Eager, anxious and antsy, some even stepped side to side in anticipation. Missy's reservations reared, doubting her readiness for this dark leap of faith. For allowing a stranger, or strangers, complete and utter control over her mind and body.

Copyright © 2012 by Bobbi Romans


Night has come. Let's get a bit wild. When reading romance, what floats your boat? Do the fangs of the vampire send shivers across you? Maybe the intense mating rites of the Shifters? Or does a partner telling you WHAT to do or binding you cause your bits to zip to life.

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Judy said...

What an intriguing excerpt! and thanks for the giveaway :-) Just like the excerpt..the mystery is part of the tantalizing.

Debby said...

Great excerpt. Thanks.

For me I enjoy the fangs and the shifting rituals. I am not into someone telling me what to do.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Bobbi Romans said...

Oh isn't it! Must say the whole dance up until...where all the chemistry starts zinging?

*Bites knuckles*


Bobbi Romans said...

Big smile at Debby. Read the funniest post once about that. Ended with dude put in place. Quick like.


Bobbi Romans said...

Judy is the last winner. Judy I need your email.

Congratulations and thanks everyone for coming!

Bobbi ~

Carin said...

I'm all about the paranormal, with wild sex!

Bobbi Romans said...

Carin--I'll toss in a last to the party prize for such a great answer.

Wild Sex is always a GOOD thing.

Comment with your email. And I'll shoot over a winners email.


Bobbi ~

Ellie Heller said...

Man, I go on vacation and you throw a party!
I'm too late but I'm going to answer anyway. :-)

Lots of build up and foreplay. Can be over a couple of paragraphs, pages or chapters, but the teasing, taunting escalation is a must. :-)