Sunday, August 5, 2012

Blood Betrayed: Solenne

As the heroine of Blood Betrayed, Solenne has a herculean task on her shoulders. She wants to protect the man she's loved for years, but he won't even speak civilly to her and can't forgive the one mistake that tore them apart. In addition, she's the only vampire willing to help Saint, a vampire sire whose own vampires care little about him, and to do that, she must deal with the Archon, Marc Verrater. Luckily for Saint, Solenne is a very strong female.

I don't tend to write weak or frail heroines, but I can't honestly say I do the kick-ass heroine either. I prefer strength to come from the mind instead of the body, so my heroines are never very physical (other than when they're with the hero...).  Solenne is very possibly the strongest heroine I've written in all my books. She's outspoken, and her mind is sharp, as is her tongue when she lets her temper out. Saint may be one of the toughest Sons, but Solenne gives him a run for his money.

As I was writing her, I came to admire her a great deal. She's a romantic at heart, never truly giving up on the dream of having Saint as hers forever. But that romantic soul doesn't cloud her mind. When she finally has the chance to show him that the bond broken apart years earlier could be mended, she jumps at it and does what she has to, even risking her safety to spy on an Archon to find out whatever she can to help the man she loves and the rest of the Sons of Navarus.

Solenne is a character even the most jaded reader can relate to. Sexy and strong, she's exactly what a man like Saint needs to see that even after betrayal, the heart can and should love again.

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julie beasley said...

solenne is an extremely heroic heroine in her own way. she is also a women who is very forgiving because she loves so complately

Dawn said...

I really enjoyed reading Solenne's story. I swear at times I wanted to kick Saints ass for being so mean to her. But shes very strong and she never gives up. I admire her and can totally relate to her in alot of ways.
Gabrielle's characters will forever stay in my heart. The emotion in her books feels so real. I love them!

Gabrielle Bisset said...

Thanks so much Julie and Dawn! And I promise you'll see Solenne and Saint again. Life has some surprises in store for them.