Sunday, August 5, 2012

Space Olympics!

I love watching the Olympics. I’ve been glued to the TV all week, mesmerized by swimming, diving, gymnastics—really whatever sport happens to be on at the time. (And yes, I’ll admit to drooling over the men doing synchronized diving. I think they needed a dedicated hot tub cam.)

Because Nightfall releases August 7th, I’ve been pondering what a futuristic, sci-fi Olympics would look like. What sort of changes would need to happen when you have world competing instead of countries. Would aliens have unfair advantages? Disadvantages? Nightfall concentrates on the Cy’ren, and though they are a humanoid race they have better hearing and eyesight than humans. Dack would be a natural at fencing, because as a shadow sword he’s used to fighting with a blade. Talena and Carmen would be good at shooting events—with laser pistols, of course.

What are your favorite Olympic events? Any ideas for events in the future?

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Jeanine said...

I love the swimming and diving could watch for hrs

laurie said...

for the winter Olympics i adore the hockey and speed skating. as for the summer Olympics i always like watching the diving events.

if the had to introduce future i have always wondered about adding polo for say the summer Olympics..that's one thing that i don't think they've ever done!


Catherine Lee said...

I am watching Equestrian events today...I can imagine "horse-like" creatures from other worlds participating. And I watched the women's Marathon this morning. In the future, when humans are stronger and we're competing against stronger aliens, the normal marathon might become a 100 mile marathon.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Robyn Bachar said...

I was watching volleyball earlier. I assume very tall aliens would have an unfair height advantage. And I agree with Jeanine, I could watch the swimmers and divers for hours.

Debby said...

I like the gymnastics and I also enjoyed the swimming so far. I love women's basketball.
debby236 at gm ail dot com