Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yearning for a HOT excerpt?? ADULT

In two days my bestselling erotic paranormal The Yearning will be in print!

Here's an EXCERPT to let you know how steamy hot it is.  :)

Mike knew seduction when he saw it, though he couldn’t figure out why Jasmine considered it necessary, given his obvious attraction to her. If his interest went up another notch, he’d be drooling.
Maybe being alone in this house gave her lots of time to read romance novels and dream about heroes who didn’t take meth or beat up on women.
He followed her into the hall. Ornate nightlights—one a fairy, another a stylized sun, the next a hummingbird—created circles of colored light on the shiny hardwood floor.
Her feet slapped the wood. He slowed his pace, watching her ass bounce with each step. The dainty dimples above her cheeks baited him shamelessly, as they would any sane man. His testosterone spiked to a dangerous level, sending his heart rate into triple overdrive. Not willing to risk a stroke, he pulled her toward him, facing him, then backed her into the rose-colored wall, imprisoning her with his body.
“Not upstairs. Here. Now,” he insisted.
He kissed her objections away, his hands roughly fondling her luscious breasts chilled from the air-conditioning. As he warmed them with his palms, his fingers tugged her long nipples, sensing she’d like it.
She did. Smothered moans punctuated her heightened breathing. Knee lifted to his groin, she prodded his balls and cock.
Arousal surged through him. Every hair on his body seemed to stand on end. He responded with an indulgent grunt and kept her pinned to the wall with his kiss as his hands went to his belt.
Jasmine gripped his wrists as best she could and tore her mouth free. “No.” Her breasts heaved against his chest. “I want to strip you.”
His swallow interrupted his gasp. “Then for God’s sake, do it now or I will.”
She released his wrists and sidled away from the wall. “Please, let me.” Fingers grabbing the hem of his tee, she eased it up his torso and arms, off his head, and flung it aside. A soft, feminine growl purred from her as she ran her hands over his chest. Her warm, caring fingers traced his muscles and flat nipples. Pleasure, shocking and deep, shot to the top of his head. He trembled.
Encouraged, she licked his right nipple and his tattoo as her fingers gently tugged the hair peeking from beneath his arms.
Torn between laughing and groaning in appreciation, he settled on another grunt, this one coarser.
Her fingers slid down him as she went to her knees. She gifted his body with hot, openmouthed kisses. His toes splayed within his mocs.
Tongue sweeping over his navel, she unbuckled his belt, pushed his jeans’ metal button through its slit and lowered his fly. His rigid cock twitched within the stretchy cotton of his navy briefs, sensitive to all contact. In no hurry, she ran her tongue across the underwear’s elastic edge as her fingers glided down the front placket.
She was fucking killing him. His chin lifted on a new groan that barely got past his clenched jaw. Her fingers negotiated the underwear’s opening. Once inside, she caressed his rod and searched for his balls.
He ground his teeth so hard they hurt. One more stroke and he’d be making love to his Jockeys. No damn way. He demanded her wet, snug heat. His strangled voice betrayed his agony. “If you don’t take my clothes off now, I swear I will.”
“I’ll do it.”
He hoped.
She hooked her thumbs beneath the band, lowering his briefs and jeans. His cock jumped out of its prison, plumped by blood, dusky with lust. A whimpering sigh escaped her, but she didn’t touch his sex. Puffing like a long-distance runner, she pushed his briefs and jeans down his legs, stopping at his ankle holster.


Tina Donahue
“Heat with Heart”

SiNN (5 Stars - Mary's Naughty Whispers)



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ooo very nice.
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Tina Donahue said...

Thanks, Debby - and that's just the beginning of Mike and Jasmine's very steamy love affair. :)

Carol L. said...

Teasingly hot Tina. :) Love it. What's a girl to do when faced with both weapons. lol
Carol L
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Tina Donahue said...

You have that right, Carol. :) Thanks for dropping by!

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YES...That is a hot, steamy excerpt! YUM.

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I cant wait to read this! Ive been drooling over it for awhile now. Sounds so good! Thanks for sharing!