Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tell Me No Lies Adult Excerpt

Here is a peek at my latest 1Night Stand story available at Decadent Publishing I hope you enjoy!

Orias fanned his hands over Cailegh's hips. Keep your mind on business. He repeated the thought, willing his cock to quit jerking with every brush of her red lace thong over his crotch. He gritted his teeth and let out a hiss, determined to expel the pressure. Her sweet scent washed over him, a reminder of why he was with her. Fuck, she smelled damn good. Not the lingering scent of brown sugar and vanilla lotion she lathered on her body; her own fragrance was what enticed the Lust Demons to come out in droves. A mixture of pure vixen and untried innocence sent ripples of sensuality across the veil separating Earth from Hell.
"You're a quiet one." He dropped his hold and spread his hands over the globes of her ass as she worked her body over his encased erection. His breathing shallowed. Hers hitched. The lap dance tested the bounds of his restraint. He tossed his head back with his jaw locked tight. Baring fangs would scare the living shit out of her. She moaned and his traitorous dick jumped. The scent of her musky cream escaping the thin barrier wafted in the air. He desired to taste a sample of her nectar. The burning need to make her come for him made his dick so hard it hurt. Relief came by zeroing in on her clit, manipulating his zipper so that it brushed against her bundle of nerves. Her pussy lips spread over the ridge of his cock. One last pass and the dam broke. She cried out so softly he barely heard it. "Fuck, Caleigh."
"Who the fuck are you, and how do you know my given name?" She darted off his lap and covered her bare breasts with her arms, backing to the door. He felt her mental shields slam up and cursed under his breath a second time, hoping to find an answer before she summoned security.
"Don't be afraid." The thought of her in VIP with a demon who meant to steal her soul pissed him off. He only wanted to protect her and instead compromised his position by letting her dance on him. Hearing her climax was worth the punishment he'd receive.
"Easy for you to say. Are you stalking me?"
Orias searched the vaults of information at his disposal to find the meaning of her question. "No. I'm not a criminal."
"Bullshit. You know my name. No one here knows my real name but the owner."
"I was sent to protect you." Frissons of energy crackled in the room. Hovered above her. He stared at the light show, her voice drowned out by the paranormal effects she'd exuded during her passionate storm. No wonder the demons below wanted to possess her, to harness the excess energy her body emitted. The artificial scents gracing the skin of all the dancers in the establishment paled in comparison to Caileigh's natural fragrance.
"From what? Overactive hands? I have bouncers to deal with that."
Her ardor waned, leaving her distress ringing in his head. He could lie and tell her that her boss had disclosed her name; however, lying wasn't his forte. Orias snorted. A Fallen possessed a conscience.
"Well? You have one minute to explain yourself before I get security."
Orias crossed his arms. "I've told you that I'm here to keep you safe."
"From whom?"
"A higher power sent me."
"For a sexy man, you are nuts. Our time is over. Please stay away from me." She snatched her top and struggled into it, her eyes narrowed on him. He clamped a hand around her arm. "I can't do that. I have to honor my assignment. Failure will not bode well for me—or you." To calm her, he softened his tone.
"What are you, some kind of extreme con man?" Her distress lifted, replaced by a growing rage.
He heaved a sigh. His duty weighed heavy. Another emotion slammed into him, one he could counteract and handle better, anger. Peering into her mind gave him further insight. She warred with attraction to him and vexation at herself for succumbing to pleasure. Interesting that someone who worked in her field considered having an orgasm dirty. He attempted to appease her inner strife.
"It's okay. I wanted you to come for me." From her horrified expression, he'd succeeded in making matters worse.
"I did not come." She lied as badly as she faked liking her job. At least the subject of her name dropped for a moment to give him time to work around his cluster fuck mistake. "Madame Eve sent me."
"What?" she sputtered. "To my job?"
Orias nodded. You're in peril, Caileigh. I'm here to steal you away for twenty-four hours to keep you from harm."


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