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Jianne Carlo - The Call of a Soul Excerpt – Adult Content – Erotic Contemporary Paranormal Suspense

The Call of a Soul Blurb:

Mike risks everything to protect Melanie from the killer stalking her beloved black bears. Melanie knows the perfect bait to find the murderer – her - a maggishahwi who hears the last call of a soul.

Genre: Erotic, contemporary paranormal suspense: m/f

Price: $7.99

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The Call of a Soul Excerpt – Adult Content – Erotic Contemporary Paranormal Suspense

“I apologize. I was totally out of line.”


Her heartbeat went into overdrive. Melanie clutched her chest. Anger came to the rescue. She spun around. “Apology not accepted. You were plain mean and nasty. Just because you’re worth a fortune doesn’t give you the right to treat people like that.”

“I only ever apologize once, Melanie. And I never say anything I don’t mean.” Mike folded his arms and raised an eyebrow.

He knew her first name? Doc G. must’ve told him. She fought the fluttery belly quivers that always assailed her in his presence. Jutted the jaw Mama said was too square for any female. “Fine. Apology accepted. Now if you don’t mind, I have work to do.”

“Doc G.’s closing up. He says he’ll do the autopsy tomorrow. I’ll be here for it.”

Nooo. What in heck is wrong with Doc G.? Melanie gritted her teeth. Why did Mike want to see the autopsy?

“Do you want to wash up?” Mike angled his head toward the sink to the right. “I’ll drop you home. Doc got a call from Jim Balden. He thinks his mare’s dropping the foal tonight.”

So not what she needed. Or wanted. Mike Dorland driving her to the reservation and seeing the broken-down three-bedroom shack the White family occupied. Poor and proud and shunned, even by the rest of the tribe. Melanie straightened her shoulders. Tough titties. She was what she was and wasn’t nothin’ nohow going to change that.

“I’ll call a cab.” She made to move around him, and he caught her hand and drew close.

Too close.

He smelled like paradise. Like a warm sea so blue and clear and sparkling it hurt to breathe and see when you stared at the glinting waters. Like equatorial sun baking her skin and raising a hot sweat. Like a tropical breeze whipping exotic aphrodisiacs every which way and creaming her sex.

“Little idiot. I bet you intend to walk the fifteen miles. You always did act as if I stunk up your air.”

Had the floor turned liquid? No, her knees had. She grabbed the counter and tried to shake off the thick fingers circling her wrist in a steely but somehow gentle grip. “Stunk up my air?”

“Half-breed not good enough for a full-blooded Cwaatchii? For the daughter of a Ska Awhi? For the granddaughter of Ixota Migziwa?” His nose was so close she had to blink to get his features in focus.

Her mouth opened. Nothing came out. She licked her suddenly dry lips.

“That’s it.” He picked her up and jammed her against the wall. Her face was level with his. Then he kissed her, and the world turned upside down and inside out. He tasted of all her pumpkin-coach dreams, of all her tortured teenaged visions of knights, rescue, and happy every after, of every single, furtive pleasuring of herself with his image in her head. Smoky, citrusy, and stomach-clenching delicious.

His hold on her firmed. His arm went around her waist, and when he nudged her legs apart, she surrendered. Worked her fingers into the silk of his hair and kissed him back, touching her tongue to his.

“Melanie? Mike?



The raised voice boomeranged around her brain insistently.

A door banged.

The loud crack pierced her carnal haze.

Doc G.? Oh no.

She tore away from Mike. “Put me down.”

When he didn’t react, she shoved at him and hissed. “Now.”

The minute her feet touched the ground, she took off, doing a frantic roadrunner imitation down the hallway, and rasped out words as they formed in her head. “Coming, Doc G. Mike said Jim’s Whisper might drop her foal tonight. You promised I’d get to assist you. I’m holding you to that.”

She screeched to a halt seconds before bumping into the vet, her sneakers making that blackboard-chalk sound that grated already raw nerves to shreds. Praying the burn in her cheeks didn’t mean she wore a fierce blush, Melanie gave Doc G. the pleading look he never could resist. “You did promise, Doc G., and more than once.”

“Young lady, you have a day job.” Doc G. wagged a finger at her. “What time’s your shift tomorrow?”

No way was she going to be stuck in a car with Mike for fifteen agonizing miles. Not after she’d thrown herself at him. Melanie bared her teeth in what she hoped passed for a smile and lied like a shaggy rug. “I’m on the evening shift tomorrow. Don’t start till four. What do you need me to get ready?”

Doc G. spun around, and Melanie followed in his wake, their footsteps echoing on the tiled floor. He halted in the middle of the waiting room. His tall, solid form dwarfed the five single chairs tucked around the far corner. Melanie folded her arms and waited.

“Everything’s in the pickup. Whisper’s been looking like she’s about to drop for the last few days, and I stocked up midweek.” Doc G. winked at her. “How can any man say no to such a pretty little thing, huh, Mike?”

She hadn’t even realized Mike had followed them back to the reception area.

“Beyond me.” Mike had a deep, scratchy voice that did strange things to her insides. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him lean one shoulder on the door frame. The man epitomized the phrase wicked sexy with those silver eyes, ridged cheekbones, and the inky curls that brushed wide shoulders. “The last thing I’d ever do is say no to Melanie.”

“Is that right?” Doc’s hazel gaze fixed on Mel and then focused above her head on Mike. “You two’d make great babies.”

Suck me to the earth’s molten core and cinder me to a crisp.

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Question # 2: What did Doc G promise Melanie?



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Debby said...

that she could Jim’s Whisper dropped her foal tonight.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Jianne Carlo said...

Nice of you to take the time to comment, Debby - you're entered in the contest! :)

Catherine Lee said...

Doc promised Melanie that she'd get to assist when the foal dropped.

Thanks for the excerpt.

I'm enjoying following your excerpts and questions today.

catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Shadow said...

Doc promised her she could assist when the foal dropped. Great excerpt! Thanks for sharing!

Caffey said...

She's get to assist when the foal drops "I’d get to assist you" :)

This is neat on the theme you created of "maggishahwi" So you'll have more in this series?! I'd love to read more of this. You got a beautiful cover too!

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