Sunday, March 4, 2012

Character Motivation and Between Brothers

A story tends to evolve when I am writing. I  usually get hit with a small part of the story in my head and the characters personalities come out as I write them. At least that is how it's been with the last few books I've co-written books with Cherie Denis.

Sex on the Beach was supposed to be simple. A little rendezvous on a beach, and then we met Harry Ford. He has a lot of mental baggage he had to work through in order to have a good relationship again. He was only on the island because he won a trip on a dating gameshow, but once he opened up his past, he had a lot he had to work through in order to  have a good relationship with a woman again. How could he ever trust a woman again after finding his ex-wife slept with his brother?

He had a serious trust issue and he really had to be able to work through this thing with his brother in order to be free of the mental baggage he was carrying. So how convenient was it to have his brother, Gerald Ford come to the wedding? Very.  

I expected the guys to work it out and finally communicate, but in the end Harry was difficult and when he was finally forced to confront his brother, it ended badly. They both ended up with black eyes in the wedding pictures. 

Sally is asking to renew the vows so she can have pictures she would be proud to share, but that's another story. 

Inspiration comes in a lot of forms, but this book was inspired by the characters themselves. When I started the book, I just wanted to think about glittering white beaches, and basking in the sun on them while watching aquamarine waves hit the shoreline. It amazes me how much more it became without any real help at all. Sex on the Beach almost wrote itself. 
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