Sunday, March 4, 2012

Far From The Usual, by Avril Ashton *NC-17 excerpt*

She spent most of her morning over at Genevieve’s house, biting her tongue to keep from asking about Cam. The damned man was of no consequence to her, but she kept seeing his eyes in her mind. She blinked it away.

Any other man but him.

After business was done, everything confirmed for the dinner party the next day, Genevieve made them a quick brunch. Arden stomach grumbled at the smell of bacon and eggs sizzling and she mumbled a thank you before diving into all the greasy food. Normally she’d stay away from it, but she figured what the hell, she owed herself an indulgence and since sex seemed quite a ways off, this was the next best thing.

She’d just put her licked-clean plate in the kitchen when a vehicle pulled into the driveway. She lifted the curtain at the window over the sink and peered out.

“Ah, fuck me.”

Cam’s blue, dented pick-up truck sat behind her car. She watched as he exited the cab of the truck, a black t-shirt stretched taut over his wide shoulders and forearms, long legs covered in worn denims and black work boots.

He looked good. And she shouldn’t be noticing his ass, but damn. He glanced at her car, took two steps, then stopped.

Arden frowned. He looked at the house, jaw working, then back to her car. His lips moved and he trailed his hand covered in black fingerless gloves across the passenger side door almost reverently.

She felt that touch, a tangible caress on her skin. Her body flamed and Arden spun around from the window with a gasp. He’s a rude, crass man. But her body was warming to him and for him. No! She yelled at herself. He’s Clark’s brother.

And off limits.

Not that she wanted him.

“Arden, that should be Cameron,” Genevieve’s voice drifted to her from upstairs. “He’s here to fix the dishwasher. Tell him I’ll be down shortly.”

“Okay,” she called back as the front door open. Suddenly she wanted to run and hide, duck below the table even. Anything to get away from those ice blue eyes.

Instead she couldn’t move to save her life and she remained rooted to the spot at the sink, heart jumping to her throat when he made his appearance. She had to breathe through her mouth, fighting not to squirm as he undressed her with a glance, mouth twisted into a smirk.

His gaze stopped at her knees, exposed by the tight denim shorts she wore, and then climbed to her face slowly. Arden gulped. She didn’t know where to look, what to do with her hands. Hell, she’d forgotten her name.

The dislike from last night shone in his eyes, but so was the hunger. Potent and dark, she felt it wash over her skin and tried not to let her tremors show.

Not good. Not good.

She licked her lips and immediately regretted it when his gaze dropped to her mouth. “Good morning, Mr. Mercer.” There, no wobble. “Your mother will be down shortly.”

He held her gaze as he walked toward her. Slow and steady. Unlike her heartbeat that ratcheted higher and higher with each step. She backed up, hips pressed into the counter obstructing her escape.

She stood her ground on weak knees as he stopped in front of her. He placed both hands on the counter on either sides of her, caging her in as his scent—mild sweat and something spicy—teased her nose. She pursed her lips, locking in the whimper in her throat as her pussy flooded, soaking the crotch of her shorts.

He stared at her mouth and she remembered the brief brush of his mouth over hers the night before. The barest of touches and yet she still felt it.

“You should call me Cam,” he murmured against her ear. “Mr. Mercer would be a bit much to scream out when I’m buried deep inside you, don’t you think?”

A sound left her, a pleading whimper as her knees buckled. She threw out a hand and grabbed his arm for balance, staring at the contrast between her dark skin and his vibrant tattoos.

He had plans to fuck her and judging by the way her clit pulsed at his words, her body had no objections. But she did.

Arden swallowed and met his eyes, mentally stiffening her spine. Time to nip this shit in the bud. “You cannot have me, Mr. Mercer. Despite what you may think, I’m not a toy to be used up and thrown away. Keep your fantasies to yourself.”

Footsteps sounded on the stairs and she shifted away, but he grabbed her nape. She moaned at the sensation of his fingertips on her skin.

“Make no mistake, Princess, I’ll be fucking you.” He dragged his tongue over her cheek.

Arden shuddered and almost collapsed.
“And you’ll be begging me for more.”

COMING MARCH 15, from Evernight Publishing



Catherine Lee said...

OH...That's a tantalizing excerpt. I'm pretty new to romance/erotica. I haven't read any interracial.

catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Avril Ashton said...

Thank you. There are some pretty amazing books in that genre out there :)