Sunday, March 4, 2012

Diane Davis White talks about Pine Ridge, weird weather and her newest books.

Hello Everyone!
Here we are again, chatting away.

I can never do one of these blogs without mentioning the Children of Pine Ridge Reservation and their need for everything from school books to clothing—and in some cases, fuel against the winter cold. Please open your hearts and your pocket books for these children. Just click on the link below for more information.

It's not just the children, by the way, who are in need. The entire population has needs beyond what most of us can imagine, living in our comfortable communities, with plentiful job and education opportunties .  

I hope everyone has had a great year so far. In my neck of the woods it's been a very mild winter, which on one hand is a good thing—no ice storms or blizzards. On the other hand, it's scary weather when the central plains see tornados in February! Wow! And we need that snow pack and the rain. Guess I'm just a little paranoid, but with parents who grew up during the depression years, I see a lack of moisture as a dangerous thing.

Based on that premise, I've started a new book, a fantasy/futuristic/time travel about what happens when the earth's resources begin to dry up. I know this has been done before, but I'm compelled to write it. It demanded my attention. The working title is Ten Summers. Everything, everywhere is dried out except the ocean—which is so thick with salt it's nearly impossible to process for drinking and cooking. I'm hoping this voyage outside the world of romance will be successful.
With a little help from my Si-Fi friends, I just might make it.

I have two new Regency books out, and they are selling very well. A third title, currently titled The Child Bride is in final edit stages now. It will prove to be a bit spicier than the first two books in the series, but still not one that can be listed as erotica, for those of you who like a milder read. It will be sensual, however.

In the Lakota Moon Series, Moon of Hard Winter has joined Moon of the Falling Leaves and Moon of Ripening in the print book section. It will be available in print in about four weeks, so I'm told. Hopefully, the wheels will move more quickly, but I just received a fifty book crate and I'm ready for my upcoming book signing at Hastings in Stillwater on April 21st.
Happily, there is great progress in the 4th book, which may or may not be the final book of The Lakota Moon Series. Titled Moon of Tender Grass, it has changed and changed again as I write it, and hopefully, the premise has finally settled into what it should be. Talk about a book that doesn't know where it's going...well, finally, it does. The hero is very complex, and driven by so many things, I had to pick and choose what to write about him.

Blue Crow has evolved into what I believe is the perfect hero, the  slightly flawed male of the human species whose greatest strength is his character.  More on this later,the cover has changed, but the characters are the same, even if the story has altered a bit.


Debby said...

These are new to me. Thanks so much
debby236 at gmail dot com

Diane D White said...

You are welcome, Debby. :)Hope you enjoyed your visit.

Shadow said...

Both series sounds awesome! But im really liking your Lakota Moon Series. I love indian stories. :) Thanks for sharing!

Diane D White said...

Hi Shadow,
Yes, The Lakota Moon Series is quite popular and I enjoy writing this genre. I have just been told Moon of Hard Winter is out in print on both Barnes & Noble and I thought it would be weeks. LOL. If you decide to read the series, they are all stand alone books and connected distantly through the characters.

You have a great day and thank you for stopping by!


Jacquie Rogers said...

I think it's great that you're expanding your horizons and I look forward to reading your latest! I very much enjoyed the Lakota Moon series. :)

Kate Hofman said...

Hi Diane - Are you surprised i made it to your blog? What a wonderful place! Looking forward to Moon of Tender Grass.

xoxo KATE

Diane D White said...

Hi JJ!
Glad to see your here. I like writing the Regencies, but my first love is The Native American Series. I'm starting a new one later this year: Chickasaw Sunrise Series.

Of course, we both love Westerns, eh? Where are you with your Much Ado series? :) Wonderful group of books, that.

Thank you mucho for stopping by,

Best Hugs,

Diane D White said...

Hi Kate Darlin'!
So you actually womaned up and found your way to the blog. I'm so very proud of you, lady. Hope you are doing well and writing Greek Lover. I know that is going to be one hot hot hot read. Can't wait!

Appreciate you dropping by and will talk to you soon.

Best Hugs,