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Jianne Carlo - Deviant Devil Excerpt – Adult Content – Erotic Contemporary SEAL Action Adventure

Deviant Devil, Hades Squad book #3, was released in August 2011, and here are a few snippets from Deviant Devil reviews:

DEVIANT DEVIL is an action-packed erotic romantic suspense that had me on the edge of my seat while at the same time keeping extra hot under the collar! Rho, The Romance Reviews

Deviant Devil was one rocking read. It caught me from the first word and kept me glued the entire time. This is the third novel in the series, but it's not necessary to read the previous two to absolutely love Deviant Devil. The chemistry between Jessica and Dominix crackles from the page and heats up the room. The erotic scenes between them are plentiful, yet Ms. Carlo manages to develop the characters and their relationship more with each steamy encounter. Clare, The Romance Studio, CAPA Award Nomination

And now for a little wicked fun from Deviant Devil!

Deviant Devil Blurb:

Jess is a proper all-American gal. Devil’s a deviant Dom. When he’s assigned as her bodyguard 24x7, Jess discovers bondage…and she secretly likes it. But does incendiary sex equal real compatibility, and what about love?

Genre: Erotic, multicultural, contemporary SEAL Action Adventure: m/f

Price: $7.99

Buy Link:

Also available at: Amazon, B&N, ARe, Fictionwise, and others.

Deviant Devil Excerpt – Adult Content – Erotic Contemporary SEAL Action Adventure:

“I believe you owe me a blowjob, Cheetah.”

Demon’s words shot a spinning spike into his head. Devil’s reflexes kicked in, and he whirled around ready to deck his best friend. Demon trapped and held Devil’s gaze, and mouthed, Get your shit together.

Right, she’d intended to suck some other a-hole’s dick. He owed Demon big time for the reminder.

Devil paced the now empty viewing area for exactly nine minutes and thirty-five seconds before his patience snapped. Close enough to the time he and Demon had agreed upon. His long strides consumed the distance to the private playroom. He punched in the security code and slithered into the darkened chamber.

The night-light inserted into a low-lying outlet barely illuminated the three feet closest to the door. Using hand signals the two men communicated quietly, Demon left, and Devil secured the room. The soundproofed interior stifled even the air conditioner’s humming, and in the eerie quiet, the sound of Jess’s rasped breathing thundered.

He stood still and looked his fill.

As instructed Demon had her kneeling on the soft carpet, blindfolded, arms stretched wide, and the silk bonds on her wrists connected to rings attached via a long arm to the walls. She had her head cocked to one side. Even in the dim lighting the robe hid none of her charms, and the outline of her curves, the shadow between her thighs had his pulse doing erratic leap-frogs.

Adjusting the dimmer of the overhead lights so he could feast on Jess’s responses and fine-tune his strategy, Devil circled her kneeling form. The fury he’d managed to dam detonated and erupted. Molten lava replaced his blood. He stood there inhaling liquid fire, repeating SEAL breathing exercises until he regained control, and assumed his Dom mode.

“I didn’t agree to this.” Her voice wavered, but she lifted her chin in defiance. “I agreed to a blowjob.”

Devil pulled the auction card from the envelope and read, his accent now pure Bostonian. “One blowjob in a private room. Condom mandatory. Touching only on my part.”

She exhaled, her uneven breathing a sonata to his ears.

“That’s right. Exactly right.”

He pulled out his switchblade, slit her robe down the middle, and stifled a hiss as the material parted to reveal creamy skin, the swells of her breasts, a flat belly he dreamed of, pale golden curls framing the treasure between slender thighs.

Squatting so their faces were level, he drank in the sight of her: the long elegant neck, the delicate line of her jaw, the cock-stiffening perfume peculiar to only this woman. A finger’s width separated their noses, Devil knew she felt his closeness, waited for him to respond, and he let the silence stretch relishing the short puffs of minty breath escaping her pouting mouth.

“What are you doing?” She tugged furiously at the silk bonds holding her arms wide. “I demand a witness. I’m allowed that. Those are the rules.”

“This is what you didn’t specify. Clothing, position, restraints.” Devil checked his watch. “Forty-five seconds have elapsed. I can keep you here as long as I want until I come in your mouth, latex covered as specified.”

She’d lost all color and those porn-fantasy lips he lusted after quivered. When she opened her mouth, he said, “Listen carefully because there are two ways this can go down.”

Cutting the sleeves of the robe he continued, “I can hold you to the literal translation of the card. You can invite a witness to make me adhere to the rules.”

What remained of the robe floated to the floor, Jess shivered, her nipples were a shade darker than her rose lips, and they pearled and puckered.

A shudder wracked through him. He sat back on his heels, the leather pants squeezed his cock and testicles harder than any vise he’d ever tried. Devil closed his eyes, went through the SEAL breathing sequence yet once again until blood-flow restored baseline brain functions.

Stick to the plan.

“I can and will keep you here for the rest of the night. I don’t have to let you out of this room until I get what I paid five thousand dollars for. A blowjob. I can go for hours without coming.”

Her sinful mouth tightened into a pucker. She snorted. “And the other way?”

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Question # 5: What’s Devil’s real name?


Jianne Carlo

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Catherine Lee said...

Devil's name is Dominix. What a damn racy excerpt. WOW.

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Jianne Carlo said...

Thanks for slogging through that awful, horrible font - for some reason the system wouldn't let me change it until now. Totally appreciate your comment Catherine.

Shadow said...

His name is Dominix. Great excerpt! Im loving all of your stories! Thanks for sharing!