Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hello From Avril Ashton

Good morning all, Avril Ashton here. I'm excited to be with you guys today, sharing excerpts and more from my upcoming erotic I/R novella, Far From The Usual, coming March 15 from Evernight Publishing.



He’s her ex’s brother, yet Arden Windham aches to be in Cam Mercer’s arms. The man is rude and obnoxious, his blue eyes cold and unfeeling, but he makes her body melt. Being with ex-con Cam is nowhere in her plans, not if she wants the affection she’s worked so hard to gain from her overbearing father. Still, Cam’s touch is unlike anything she’s ever felt and Arden finds herself having to choose between her wants and her needs.

Cameron Mercer is his family’s black sheep, a man apart. For six months he watched Arden waste her time with his twin and now she’s free, he’s not waiting another minute. He’s on a campaign to get her off the tight rope she’s been walking. There’s a rebel behind that smooth fa├žade and he’s on a mission to set Arden free. Too bad she insists on putting up a fight.
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Debby said...

Great set up for conflict and fun in the romance arena
debby236 at gmail dot com

Avril Ashton said...

LOL Debby yep, I like my conflicts :-)

Catherine Lee said...

I am new to romance & erotica and haven't read any interracial yet.

catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Shadow said...

Sounds good! Gotta agree, love a good conflict in a story! :) Thanks for sharing!