Sunday, March 4, 2012


MURDER, MI AMORE, 2012 EPPIE Finalist, Best Romantic Suspense.

Here’s what reviewers have said:

Four Stars from The Romance Reviews:

“Action, suspense, hot men and a sweet girl caught in the crossfire. Buckle up, this one gets wild.

…For those of you who love your romance with some mystery and adventure, and a romantic destination to boot, this is one to pick up and try. Enjoy!”

Four and a half siren stones from Siren Book Reviews:

“…Murder, Mi Amore is an exciting adventure. Top notch romantic suspense! The whole plot of “they aren't who the other thinks they are” is always a blast to read about. With great pace, plenty of action, and sizzling tension, Cara Marsi creates an amazing suspense! And the setting, in Rome, I loved it!
If you like romantic suspense novels full of emotion, murder, intrigue and secrets, then Murder, Mi Amore is a book to add to your list.”


Lexie Cortese is in Rome to forget. The last thing she expects is to meet a sexy Interpol agent who suspects her of being part of a terrorist plot involving a stolen diamond. Suddenly thrust into a world of murders, muggings, and kidnappings, Lexie doesn't know what to think--or who to believe.Dominic Brioni's assignment is simple. Befriend the American and bring her to justice. Only Lexie seems like the most unlikely terrorist Dominic has ever met. Sweet, determined, and direct, she faces life with courage and fire, a fire that sparks his protective instincts and a longing for something more--something he allowed himself to hope for only once before.But that woman betrayed him, and his boss isn't about to let him forget it. With his career on the line and Lexie in danger, will Dominic learn to trust his heart before they both get killed?


Sunlight touched Lexie’s eyes, a gentle caress urging her to awaken. She didn’t want to. With a sigh, she settled into the mattress, willing herself back to sleep and into the wonderful dream she’d been having. At the sound of soft breathing and the whisper of warm air caressing her neck, she jerked her eyes open. She lay very still, listening. She was spooned against warm flesh, taut and muscular. A very masculine arm, covered by fine dark hair, draped over her waist. This was no dream. The events of the past night played in her mind like her favorite CSI episode. Her attempted kidnapping. Dominic and her abductor fighting. The hospital. Dominic in her bed.


She was in bed with Dominic. Anxiety stirred her stomach, competing with the tingling in other parts. His even breathing told her he still slept. She slid slowly toward the edge of the bed. He tightened his arm around her waist. “Where do you think you’re going?” his raspy voice whispered in her ear.

“I, uh, I thought I should get up now.”

“Not yet.” He pulled her closer. His erection pressed against her buttocks. From the feel of him, he was very ready for her. Fire seemed to flow through her veins.

“It’s early.” He brushed her hair aside and nipped her earlobe. “We have lots of time.” He trailed little kisses along the back of her neck.

Molten heat liquefied her insides. Her body felt boneless. “Time for what?” She barely recognized her own husky voice.

“For whatever you want.”


Cara Marsi said...

Forgot to leave my website and buy links for "Murder, Mi Amore."


Wild Rose:


Cara Marsi said...

Forgot to leave my website and buy links for "Murder, Mi Amore."


Wild Rose:


Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved Murder, Mi Amore!!! Dominic and Lexie make you wish you were in Italy!

Carol L. said...

I love Dominic already. lol This I hope comes in Print, It's on my TRL for sure.
Thanks for sharing Cara.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Debby said...

There are some amazing excerpts here. I am adding this one to my list.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Cara Marsi said...

Thanks, everyone. Murder isn't available in print yet. It's published through The Wild Rose Press. I'm hoping to have a print copy later this year.