Sunday, March 4, 2012

Midnight Madness~Olivia Starke

Midnight Madness
(Available March 13th from Decadent Publishing)

To celebrate the release of my first m/m/f erotica for Decadent Publishing's new erotica line THE EDGE I'll be offering some pretty awesome giveaways! Drop by my blog RomancingThePenToday on March 12th to find out how you can win some goodies including a free copy of Midnight Madness and an autographed poster!

Midnight Madness

Maddie takes a weekend camping trip to forget her two timing ex-boyfriend. Instead of peace and quiet, she stumbles upon two hunks who put the wild in wilderness. And they have plans of their own—to heat up her sexless life. An evening of rowdy lovin’ is just what she needs to get over her broken heart.
When she joins them in a trio that leaves her satisfied and exhausted, they have one more surprise in store called Midnight Madness...

Rated R Excerpt:
Who the hell has an orgy in the middle of the wilderness?
Reported random animal attacks had been Maddie’s concern, not the harassing sounds of sex. She needed peace and quiet to lick her wounds and sort out her life. Not the lusty grunts of some overzealous man giving it to his lady. For the past two hours.
Seriously, two flippin’ hours? She charged through the woods, ready to rain on someone’s parade. They’d just have to find someplace else to have an obscenely loud lovefest.
“God, the nerve of some people.”
She batted at a fly buzzing around her head. So what if she hadn’t had an orgasm in four months—thanks to her selfish ex-boyfriend—well, not one that wasn’t self-induced. And who cared if sex had been nonexistent while the relationship had suffered a slow, painful death.

“Men suck. Certainly no marathon lovemaking for me anytime soon.” She yanked at a limb and flinched when it lashed back against her face, knocking her glasses off. Unreasonable anger boiled over.

“Son-of-a-bitch, piece of….” She kicked out at nothing in particular, giving in to the long overdue temper tantrum. Brambles hooked around her foot and she did a face plant on the leaf-covered forest floor. My utter lack of grace strikes again. Rolling onto her back, she spit out dirt and stuck a scraped finger into her mouth. The wound smarted, distracting her from her fury. She stared at the blue sky through the budding tree limbs, sweat breaking out on her brow. The unseasonably warm spring had driven her to seek a peaceful weekend camping retreat. Maybe she should’ve opted for a hotel with air-conditioning instead. And a six pack of beer, give or take another twelve pack.

“Oh God, yes! More, more, more….” The deep, male voice echoed through the hollow.
Maddie pummeled the ground with her fists. “You oversexed freak!” Her words were drowned out by the man’s grunts.


Debby said...

nice tantrum. I have wanted to do that on occasion.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

lol I know, I wrote that scene from experience. Well the falling down part.

Hales said...

Haha Ilove you over sexed freaks!!!!

Carol L. said...

lol Love it. Thanks for sharing.
Carol L.

Kate Richards said...

ohhh we can share wilderness falling down scars lol Great story Olivia!

Catherine Lee said...

LOL...I love Maddie...She sounds so "less-than-perfect" real. Good for you for writing a real woman that so many readers can relate to.

catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Shadow said...

Love this! Sounds very good! Thanks for sharing!