Sunday, March 4, 2012

Who are your favorite goddesses?

I'm having such a blast researching goddesses for my Goddess Connection series. I love setting part of my stories in The Underworld, and placing mythological figures in present-day stories.

For The Magic of Lavender, the goddess Iris was the logical choice to launch The Goddess Connection series. Little is known about Iris, but she's the messenger between this world and the next, a bridge between mortals and gods. For this reason, she's considered the goddess of the rainbow, linking the two worlds.

In Dancing with the Devil, the goddess Persephone is the grandmother of my heroine, Lily MacInnis. The name MacInnis has special meaning as well - on a trip to Ireland, my sisters discovered it means, literally, "descendant of angels." So Lily's ancestors are from opposite worlds - The Undeworld and heaven.

Researching angels was fascinating, too. I used The Dictionary of Angels to find just the perfect match for Lily - Bodiel, the Ruling Angel of the Sixth Heaven. Bodie for short.

Here's another sneak peek at Dancing With the Devil, coming March 30:

“It’s best to avoid any sort of temptation while you are there.” Especially in the form of a certain archduke. Lily’s virginity was a highly sought prize in the Underworld.
From her tender expression, he knew she understood what he meant. But other temptations might present a greater challenge. One he’d have to trust her to overcome.
He ran his hands up her arms. The way she yielded to his touch ignited a fiery passion, but he quenched it with thoughts of banishment. If his superiors stripped him of his assignment, and his position as Ruling Angel of the Sixth Heaven, Bodie would be powerless to help her in any capacity. He had to stay strong.
“Lily. I will do everything I can to ensure your safety.”
“My safety,” she repeated dully, staring at the ground, then met his gaze to ask, “What if I need more from you?”
He searched her eyes, but knew too well her meaning.
“What about after all this?” she asked.
“I don’t understand.”
“When I return from the Underworld safe and sound, but still a granddaughter of the Prince of Darkness, then what? Will I ever see you again?”
Bodie had no answer. He’d never leave her side; he never had. He’d certainly be able to see her, well enough to torture him for the rest of his existence. But would he be confined to the other realm after completing this task? “I don’t know.”
On tiptoe, she pressed closer. “Can’t you stand up for yourself?”
“Yes, of course.”
She eased down. “So you don’t want to be with me. Not the way I want to be with you.”
“I didn’t say that.” He couldn’t, without lying.
“Wow. Are you sure you’re not the Ruling Angel of Cryptic?”
Rules bound him to silence. He ached to tell her everything. “It may be one of my subtitles.” He quirked his lips, but was fairly certain it didn’t resemble the smile he intended.
“Sooo funny. You may have missed your calling as a standup comedian.”
“No, I wouldn’t be successful at it.”
“Why do you say that?”
“I don’t care what others think.”
“Obviously,” she said on a sigh.
“Except you. You know that, Lily.”
“I don’t know anything anymore.” She toed a pebble, turning to walk away, but then whirled into his arms.
He cradled her, his cheek against her hair. “It will be fine. You’ll go on this journey of self-discovery. Have a brief visit with your family in the Underworld, then realize they’re better left underground. And you’ll return to your life, surreal as it may be.” And I will return to you.
So long as he didn’t lose her to the family who wanted only to ensnare her in their web of deception.

Do you have any favorite goddesses? One you'd like to see in an upcoming Goddess Connection novel?


JaneE2059 said...

Aprodite and Athena are two favorite goddesses.

Cate Masters said...

Oh yes, I love them too. Thanks, Jane!

Catherine Lee said...

I am a fan of Bast (aka Bastet) wonder, since I'm a cat person!

catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Shadow said...

One of my favorites are Athena. Thanks for sharing!

Cate Masters said...

I had a story in mind for Bast, Catherine. :)

Thanks Shadow!