Sunday, March 4, 2012

Would you vote for him?

Larry Dedman's 2012 Presidential Speech in The Last Degree
Per the speech below, would you vote for him?  Why or why not?

"I say what I mean and mean what I say.  My words are neither eloquent nor sophisticated, just the simple ramblings of a novice politician.  A couple of years ago I lost my job as an architect.  I almost lost my home, cars, well everything.  My wife and I were living the American dream.  The only problem was that we couldn't afford it.  Any of you have credit card debt?  Late with your car payments or mortgage?  Don't know how you are going to pay for your kid's tuition?  And then you lose your job.  A bad situation turns into a desperate one.  I got lucky.  My best friend and campaign manager, Roger, set me up with a job.  Others of you don't know someone as great as he is.  What do we all do when we don't have a job?  Time to watch lots of TV, right?  Don't you all feel good when you hear about the millions, billions, and even trillions pissed away by Washington?  We’ve all heard how broke our government is, yet they continue to borrow money from certain countries so that they can give it away to other countries?  They call that 'foreign aid.'  Kinda like the town drunk buying the whole bar a round and then putting it on his never-ending tab with the bartender.  Except our bartenders are China and Saudi Arabia, and soon they will want us to pay up …OR.  Not sure what the OR is, but it won't be pretty.  And I'm scared.  Anyone here wh can't afford your medical bills?  Yet people who are here illegally don't have to worry.  They somehow qualify for Medicaid.  Again, you turn on the TV and get mad.  You hear about bailout programs for Wall Street, unethical banks, and businesses that get your tax dollar to save their skins.  What about you, your family, neighbor, or friend having to go out of business?  Do you get any kind of bailout plan?  And what about the auto industry...” Dina Rae,
The Last Degree is available at,, and (DIP Publishing).


Juliet said...

Is he the 3rd party? If he's associated with those thieves otherwise known as the Democrats or Republicans than his clever rhetoric doesn't matter! Great excerpt and clever way of posting it. JJT

Debby said...

Hmm I would have to think about this. Love the symbol
debby236 at gmail dot com

buffalopuba1 said...

I want to buy the book The Last Degree and see where this is going.

Catherine Lee said...

Per that speech...NO, of course I would not vote for him in a real election. I hear a complainer who's offering no solutions. I read rhetoric rather than true political discourse. Does this lead to something more?