Sunday, March 4, 2012

Here's another steamy excerpt from THE YEARNING - ADULT

In two days, The Yearning will be available in print!! The cover is to die for.

Here's another steamy excerpt.  :)

His hot, demanding mouth explored her swollen folds. Periodically, he made certain to torment her dangerously aroused clit.
He headed there now.
His tongue circled the hard nub, a predator homing in on its prey. I’m coming, it said, you can’t get away from me. But I will make you wait.
She groaned in desperation. He paid no heed. Though his lips tightened on her, his tongue remained elusive. Lids fluttering, she blew out an exasperated sigh. If she’d been able, she would have burrowed inside his marrow to become a part of him. Her sisters would have argued the curse drove her reaction. Her heart understood it was the man.
Still suckling, he slid his hand to the furrow between her cheeks. His forefinger rounded her anus.
Lewd need punched through her. Body shaking, her chin jerked up. His tongue grazed her clit. Scarcely able to catch her breath, her head dipped back to his groin. Musk scented the dark fur above his rod, exciting her even more. She licked the seat of his cock, moaning as his mouth troubled her clit and his finger probed her anus.
Exquisitely trapped and used, she required even more. Using the last of her strength, she took him inside her mouth. The head of his penis slid past her tongue to her throat, silky, salty, savory and stunning.
He muttered an obscenity.
No sounds could leave her. He filled her too well. As he worked her openings, cunt and anus, she deliberately held off suckling his cock, cradling his testicles instead, testing their weight, learning the contours of the wrinkled, lightly furred glands.
His legs pressed her shoulders and hers hugged him. It seemed a toss-up as to who would come first.
Jasmine surrendered, mostly because she had to, partly by design, since she wasn’t remotely through with him. Her ragged gasps allowed him to slip from her mouth. His erection snuggled against her damp cheek, thrilling her with its merciless power.
He placed both hands on her ass, spreading the cheeks wide to display her tightest passage. A promise of what he would have. “Good?”
She smiled at the way he repeated her earlier question, with the same hope in his voice as she’d had in hers. Like him, she nodded. The movement rubbed her face across his dense pubic hair, releasing more of his musk. She shivered.
Lowering his legs, he yawned and stretched.
She seized the opportunity, gathering what little energy remained, and pulled from his grasp. Slow to respond, he grumbled good-naturedly. She turned around and straddled him again so they faced each other.
The dim lighting caressed his magnificent chest, a sweep of smooth coppery skin and taut muscle, while curiosity lifted his brows. Fascination soon replaced it as she wound her fingers around his still-rigid cock and brushed the head over her sheath’s slick mouth.
He inhaled sharply and lost his breath on a rough sigh. “Take me inside of you. Now. This fucking minute.”


Tina Donahue
“Heat with Heart”

SiNN (5 Stars - Mary's Naughty Whispers)



Debby said...

The cover is beautiful. the excerpt is hot.
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Tina Donahue said...

Thanks, Debby! :)

Catherine Lee said...

I do love that cover. It's a sexy lure to the steamy scenes that are to be found within.

Thanks for sharing.

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