Sunday, March 4, 2012

FREE READ by Avril Ashton

For those still unsure whether to take a chance on my writing, here's your opportunity to sample some of my stuff for FREE. TOUCH, my free read, is available for download on my website.

Six months after a brutal attack, Dahlia Pierce still jumps at her own shadow, but the green-eyed stranger holding her at gun-point has her yearning to feel him. His touch, his kiss. He robs her bank and leaves, only to reappear in her bedroom later.

Cruz Doriaye has always been more interested in business than pleasure. The bank job should be no different, but the need radiating off Dahlia gets to him. Calls to his own hungers. He answers, but his line of work stands between them. As does her secrets.

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Debby said...

I am downloading this one.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Avril Ashton said...

Hope you enjoy, Debby :0)