Sunday, March 4, 2012

What kind of reader are you?

Happy Sunday, peeps! Time for me to regale you with some deep Sunday morning insights. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back in your comfy chair and allow me to have my way with you. Muahahaha!

There are two types of readers, in my opinion: those that read to learn, and those that read for pleasure.  Of course, I’m sure that there are people who derive great pleasure from reading non-fiction. Though, I’ll admit, I’ve never heard anyone shout from the rooftops “Oh, my God! The technical manual I read last night was riveting! A real page turner!” Maybe it’s the people I hang out with (laughs out loud), not sure.

I’m sure it’s no surprise to hear I fall into the “reading for pleasure” category. I’ve never been one to read a book that doesn’t interest me, which of course made life hell during my high school years. I absolutely hated A Farewell To Arms! I enjoy stories that pull me out of my reality and thrust me into a world filled with strong, sexy Alpha males, over-the-top bad guys and a whole lot of angst and hot sex. Yeah, baby!

Because of my above preferences, I suppose it should come as no shock that I also enjoy writing about shmexy, tortured heroes and the women that love them. Cursing Athena, book one in my new Order Of Seven series, features Tydeus, a Greek warrior cursed by the goddess Athena to police the earth for escaped demons and other Underworld dirtbags. Ty’s hulking, handsome and shifts into a Nemean lion (an unstoppable beast no mortal weapon can kill.) He’s all business, all the time, and is on the hunt for a soul-sucking demon when he inadvertently crosses paths with Danika, the heroine. Their attraction is instant and powerful and makes for a wild ride. Hope you all enjoy!


For Danika, the only thing worse than going commando while wearing a fugly, silver bodysuit, was dealing with her deadbeat, ex-husband James. Catcalls, unwanted groping and lecherous stares weren’t really her cup of tea either, but she’d endure all of it and more if her new job serving cocktails at Masquerade meant ridding herself of his mountain of debt. It was just a job, after all, and what choice did she have with James' creditors breathing down her neck? What she didn't bargain for, however, was falling heels-over-head in lust with a two-hundred-plus pound, shape-shifting immortal from Ancient Greece.

On a mission to take down a parasitic demon, Ty doesn't have time for distraction. Not even when that distraction could prove to be his possible life mate in the form of sweet, innocent, yet sexy-as-hell Danika. But when the leech he’s hunting goes after the cocktail waitress, all bets are off. Unable to resist her siren call any longer, Ty surrenders himself to Danika, body and soul, treating them both to a night they'll never forget.

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Debby said...

I do both types of reading. The best part is when I am burnt out on reading to learn, I can read for pleasure. It so nice.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Shadow said...

Im more the read for pleasure. :) Thanks for sharing!

Catherine Lee said...

I read to learn. That's why I've been mostly a non-fiction reader. My New Year's resolution was to read more fiction, discover new (to me) authors & genres. Events like this help so much.

catherinelee100 at gmail dot com