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Victorian Scoundrel, Steampunk Romance, Excerpt #2

Want a heartwarming journey through time to the Great Exhibition? Want to meet Prince Albert? Queen Victoria? Want to see a dirigible fly and a transmogifier work? Hang out with Alice & Edmund Windsor in Victorian Scoundrel. VS is my latest release and a steampunk romance at that!  Check out the fun and hang out with the Windsors. 

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It's 2011 and compressed natural gas has taken over form the coal producing steam machines of the Victorian Age. Alice Windsor, Princess of York, follows her mischief-making cousin, Prince Edmund of Wales back to the past and 1851 where Prince Albert is hosting Britain's Great Exhibition. 

Alice soon discovers Edmund has struck up a friendship with their great-grandfather, Prince Albert, and his mischief making entails leaving a dinosaur-sized footprint in history. She also meets Grayson Kentfield, Earl Swinton, and the Prime Minister, Sir John Russell. The Prime Minster finds her odd, to say the least.

It's only when Alice falls for the handsome Earl Swinton does she realize the dangers of time travel. How can she give her heart to a man from the past while striving to stop Edmund from changing time with his forward thinking ideas? 


Tired and thirsty, she finally made it to the courtyard. Edmund was nowhere to be found. She should have expected it, really. No doubt he was in the palace filling their great-grandfather's head with forward-thinking ideas. She crossed her arms, staring at the steps. Several carriages waited nearby. No one in their right mind would let her into the palace looking like she did -- like she had just stepped out of the gutter. 

"Excuse me, who are you?" 

Alice spun around to find herself face-to-face with two gentlemen who stood near one of the waiting carriages. One gentleman was older, Alice guessed in his fifties, one younger. The older gentleman stared at her like she truly was a guttersnipe, but the younger one -- he was tall, with chiseled cheeks and sensitive hazel eyes. His broad chest filled his suit well and he measured her with a cool, appraising look that hinted at... appreciation. An uncomfortable feeling washed over her. Never had a man's stare made her feel so... warm. 

"Well?" asked the older gentleman. 

Alice straightened her posture with her usual royal dignity and took off her glasses as she always did when she introduced herself. "I am Her Royal Highness, Princess Alice of York." 

The men looked at each other, at her, then back at themselves. She wasn't sure if they were befuddled, confused, or wanted to laugh. Finally, the older gentleman spoke. "Princess Alice is seven years old." 

Alice bit the inside of her lip, realizing she had totally forgotten where she was due to the younger gentleman's attention. She slid her glasses back on. "Simply call me Alice -- Alice Windsor." 

"And you may call me Prime Minister." 

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Victorian Scoundrel
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Maggie Toussaint said...

Hi Steph,

I love this story! Its the first steampunk I ever read, and I enjoyed your quirky characters and the quandary of how to keep from falling in love with the right man when he's from the wrong time!

Maggie Toussaint
On The Nickel

Terra said...

I don't think I have read a steampunk story but this one sounds really good. Love the cover.



Stephanie! This is such a fun book! I love the Prince's dry humor. Steampunk rocks!

Sherry Gloag said...

Sounds like a fun book to read. Tantalising excerpt.

Mona Risk said...

I am going to repeat Maggie's words. I love this story. I didn't know anything about steampunk and you made me love this genre. Thank you Steph.

StephB said...

Maggie & Mona, I can't thank you enough for reading and enjoying the book. Alice & Edmund were such a hoot to write for! Linda, I agree - the humor works well in the story.

Sherry, glad you enjoyed the excerpt. Poor Alice! Out of her time. Terra, I love the cover, too. It captures the essence of steampunk.