Sunday, August 7, 2011

Book Trailer for Victorian Scoundrel

Just thought I'd share my book trailer for Victorian Scoundel. And I have a question for readers:

Do you have an ebook reader? Which one? What appeals to you about an ebook?

Post a comment and I'll pick a winner to receive a PDF ARC of my steampunk romance, Victorian Scoundrel.

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Na said...

A Victorian Steampunk is new to me and I like the sound of it. I have never read a steampunk book but I think it's time I remedy it. Sounds interesting.

I don't have an ereader but I am considering a kindle in the near future, hopefully before year's end. I have been eyeing and purchasing ebooks in advance especially when I come across deals or if the book really interests me and isn't available in print.


Jen B. said...

I did a lot of research before I chose the Kindle. My main reasons for choosing Kindle were:
1. It is an ebook reader. It won't drive my kids to camp or do the laundry. It is an expert in it's field.
2. Amazon makes it very easy to purchase books. I don't have to jump through hoops. Plus, I can use my computer to read in a pinch.
3. Amazon seems to have ebooks in a timely fashion. It seems like Nook and Kobo versions are often delayed.
4. It is not touchscreen. Touchscreen is just one more thing that can break. Electronics tend to hate me so I wanted the simplest reader I could find.
5. It is super lighweight. Just try and iPad and you will understand.
6. There are LOTS of Kindle users to help answer my questions.
That's about it, I think. Thanks for the giveaway.

Ginger Hanson said...


I left a comment above, but realized you might not see it! Just wanted you to know I enjoyed reading about your new book. ginger

Maria said...

Congratulations on the new book! It looks great - very nice trailer.

I do have eReaders - I actually have three...I like eReaders because they are lightweight and fit in my purse better than a book would. They are also great because with 3G you can pretty much download a book anywhere - even if there is no wifi. I also like it for the discretion when I'm reading a book that has a more mature adult cover - one that I'm not comfortable having around small children or families - I like my privacy too and the eReader gives me that.


StephB said...

Na, Before I got my ereader, I did a lot of research out there like Jen did and I choose my Kindle pretty much for the same reasons she did. If i had to choose an alternate ebook reader might go with Nook because they are getting much better with their time to product and they offer color or I might choose Sony because PDFs transfer well to Sony.

Jen, Amen. I love my Kindle just for pretty much all the reasons mentioned, but I'd like to say I really LOVE the text to speech feature. I listen to books in the car on the way to work and and on the way home and I get a bulk of my reading done that way.

Ginger, nice to see you. :)

I love the 3G ebook reader. I would not recommend WiFi for an ebook reader. It's worth it, to me, to pay the extra bucks for the 3G verison.

Congrats to JenB for winning the Victorian Scoundrel PDF ARC. Thanks to everyone for popping in!