Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ellie's Song

My good intentions to blog often during the day hit a snag when a doozy of a thunderstorm rolled through my area this afternoon. We got the whole show, thunder, lightning and much needed rain. Since our house got hit by lightning twice in two months about 3 years ago–with the second strike taking out my computer in spite of all kinds of surge protectors–I have the tendency now to run around like a crazy person and shut down everything until the storm passes. 
I’m not sure it’s exactly passed, but we’re experiencing a lull and I’m going to grab a minute to post some more info about my books. 

The second book in the series, Ellie’s Song, was released earlier this year. While each book is a stand alone story, the connectivity of small town life can be seen in the characters and locations. For example, if a newspaper is mentioned, it’ll be the Tassanoxie Sentinel. Certain people populate the stories, like Josh Ryder, who is the deputy sheriff. He's been in both Feather's Last Dance and Ellie's Song and will appear when a deputy is needed in future stories. Unless he runs for the office of sheriff and wins!
Then, my editor suggested I write “short” because the ebook market needs short fiction, I liked the idea of being able to explore the characters who live in Tassanoxie in a shorter ebook format. Last spring, I dropped everything and wrote a short Christmas story. The cover is done but I don't have the release date yet. 
Writing short also offered me the opportunity to share all my notes on Susannah Warden, the “other woman” from Feather’s Last Dance. She wasn’t “right” for Justin, but she’s just right for Perry. I have my fingers crossed that my TWRP editor will decide that novella length story needs to be in the Tassanoxie line up, too. 
Of course, all this writing about Tassanoxie has one down side. It’s limited my time to write historicals, but I hope to have time next year to try this short ebook idea in the historical market, too.

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