Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tassanoxie Series

Lesson Number One when blogging in a time frame, check the time zone of the blog!! I live in the Central Standard Time zone which means my 9 a.m. was an hour later than the 9 a.m. party time. Can you tell I'm a newbie?
Interesting tidbit as I see so many exciting book series being promoted: When my first two books were published, they were supposed to be the start of a trilogy that might lead into a series. The editor who offered me a contract left and the new editor rejected the third book in my trilogy. (To add insult to injury, the series for my books was also cancelled and they brought the books out as if they weren’t connected.) The new editor told my agent that trilogies and series weren’t popular. I’m not sure where she got that idea, but a tour of the any book store shows that she missed out on a tremendous trend. It might also help explain why she isn’t an editor any more 

Small town...second chances is the logo line for my new series set in Tassanoxie, Alabama. I hadn’t planned to write a series, but after the first book–Feather’s Last Dance–was in production, my editor at The Wild Rose Press asked me if I had any other contemporary books about small towns. I admitted I did because in addition to writing historical romantic adventure books, I like writing about small Southern towns and the folks that live there.

I love the connectivity of a small town probably because I grew up as a military brat and later spent more years traveling as a military spouse so there wasn’t much connectivity in my life. I ended up in a small Southern town as a teen and returned during my husband’s military career and then convinced him to stay here after he retired from the military. 



Na said...

Small towns and second chance stories are some of my favourite story lines to read about. Together and it's even better. Small towns seem to come alive more and the people too.

Ginger Hanson said...


I love writing about people who get a second chance, I hope you'll come and visit Tassanoxie!!

Maria said...

Definitely love small towns and second chance love stories - and yeah the editor who told you trilogies and series were no longer popular was a fool! I prefer to read connected stories and have several series I'm reading where there are over 15 books and still going strong!