Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This post is too late for the "Raise A Cuppa at 8:00" since it was London time, but better late than never. Oh my..... I've been in a virtual fog lately. I just heard about the rioting today. What is going on??? I still don't know the whole story. I promise to find out -- for my own knowledge, and to pray for the poor people who are probably scared out of their biscuit tins.

 After all, this is ENGLAND! People are civilized! They drink tea and eat biscuits and crumpets and scones. They give traveling Americans dimes, since they can't use them (happened to me in York, and I didn't speak a word. The lady just handed it over with a cheery, "Here you go, dear! You can use this back home.") Brits have stiff upper lips (probably from drinking so much tea) and they carry on.

But not rioting. That's NOT the carrying on they ought to be doing. So, here's a CUPPA for you, England!! I'll be posting a bunch of tea cups and pots, pretty and quirky. Here's one, in fact.

Check out the resale shop where I found this cheeky pot. I'll keep posting great pics while we all raise our cups to England! To ENGLAND!!

Now THIS cup and double saucer set screams TRADITION!! Isn't it lovely? Raise another cup for England!

This lovely pot is in honor of a good friend, Old Tim. Here's looking at you, and let's raise another cuppa for England! And for India, since the Brits spent a lot of time there and finally went home.

This bone china beauty was manufactured in Japan. Lovely, isn't it? And thanks to China (and India) where tea is grown. Without England, though, would we be drinking it today? TO ENGLAND!!!

Here's a dragon mug with a covered lid. Perfect for those chilly days when you really want to keep the tea HOT and your fingers warm. Raise another CUPPA FOR ENGLAND!! For England! Where the roses bloom in the gardens, where the the musty smell of London's British Museum's Reading Room is wonderful. Aaaaaah. Much better than flames and smashing windows. Shame on you nasty peeps. TO ENGLAND!!

Besides, you might break the antique tea cups! So go home, and brew a CUPPA!! Raise it to ENGLAND!

This one's for my Sweet Pea! And grandkitty, Lucy. :-)  TO ENGLAND!!!

May it be a peaceful land of green fields, forests, roundabouts and tea at elevenses and four.


Marian Allen said...

Why do I get the feeling there's more in your mug than tea?


Marian Allen
Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes

Meg said...

LOLOL!! I'm not telling. ;-D

Thanks for stopping by, Marian.

Athena said...

Your a hoot n load of fun! Lol...love the site!

chocoaddict said...

I love the last teapot the best. :-) TO JAPAN!
Prayers to England.

Patty K

David M. Brown said...

Although I live in England, I'm lucky not to live in an affected area (fingers crossed that that isn't a 'yet' comment). I feel so shocked and ashamed when I see the images on television. It is a tiny minority of youths but unfortunately they are causing a great deal of devastation to the lives, welfare and livelihoods of ordinary, decent people.

Your warm wishes and thoughts will be greatly appreciated, I know!



David M. Brown said...

PS - I have to agree by the way. If they started the day with a fine cup of Earl Grey, all this could have been avoided :)


heidi ruby miller said...

"They give traveling Americans dimes"

I love it! I feel that way when I get Canadian money...

Beautiful tea pots. Jason and I have a thing for tea and all the accoutrement that goes with the tradition.

Meg said...

Thanks for stopping by, Athena!

Dave, I feel for ya. Our prayers and support for you all - and West Yorkshire is gorgeous. I loved the sheep, getting in the way of our rental car. LOL

Heidi - true story! Amazing. And when I asked how she knew I was American, she said, "You're tall and you wear TROUSERS." LOLOL!!

Elaine Cantrell said...

That's a lovely collection! I adore tea pots and delicate cups and saucers. A mug just isn't the same for me

Anonymous said...
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Jessica K said...

And of course, in England a mug is known as a "beaker." Not something anyone should want to use. I raise a cup, too!

Meg said...

Thanks, Elaine! I do love seeing cups and saucers, and tea pots!

LAURA!! So long ago, we made up stories and had fun in the 'hood. Thanks for stopping by and for buying my book. AWESOME! I use Meg now, though. LOL Just easier.

Meg said...

WHOOPS! nearly missed seeing you, Jessica! Beaker!! Reminds me of one of my fave Muppets characters. LOL Thanks for stopping by!

SCM said...

Love all the images of the teapots, Meg.

Meg said...

Thanks, Sharon!! I love tea, tea cups, tea pots, tea cozies, tea strainers, tea spoons, tea tins... ;-D

I could go on, but I won't.

Karen C said...

Loved the teapots and cups and saucers!!

Prayers for those affected by the rioting.


Meg said...

I watched some of the news last night. How awful! But the East End of London has always been trouble. I do hope it stops soon. And the pockets in the other larger cities. Like David said, shameful.

Can happen anywhere, and has happened here in the USA. We have short memories. Detroit had riots in 1967, and my parents wouldn't let us kids out to play even though we lived VERY far away.

I'll try to focus on my memories of visiting England in the early 1980s, right after Diana married Charles.

Thanks for stopping by, Karen!

Cheryl St.John said...

Lovely, Meg. I have several sets like yours with the tiny plate for a biscuit or scone. I use them often and get them out for girlfriend gatherings.

Here's to jolly old England.

Meg said...

Those are not mine! I didn't have time to take pix of my collection. But I did have fun searching for quirky teapots and lovely cups.

My teapot is Irish with shamrocks and Celtic designs. Nice - if I get a chance, I'll post it on my blog.


Meg said...