Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And the WINNERS ARE... Double Crossing Giveaways!

Thanks for posting comments yesterday for my launch party!!

Since TIME is a big part of mystery (the ticking clock), I drew 12 names from all the commenters to represent 12 hours. If you posted multiple times, that boosted your chances! Then I narrowed it down to SIX due to the suspense of wondering who are the winners!

The Twelve -- April, both Heidi's, Jessica, Karen, Laura, Maria, Marian, Marjorie, Michelle, Na and Patty.
The SIX WINNERS:  Karen, Marjorie, Maria, Michelle, Patty and Na.



Marjorie said...

Oh wow, wow, thanks so much I am just thrilled to have won this book.
The 1st. chapter was a real teaser, telling me I had to read it all.
Many thanks and congrats to all the winners.

cenya2 at hotmail dot com

Meg said...

Actually - the prize is a pair of book earrings! But comment on the I Am A Reader Not A Writer blog, where I will be giving away a free PDF copy. Go, go, go!! Good luck!

Na said...

Thank you Meg!

Karen C said...

Thanks, Meg - the earrings are so cute!

Meg said...

Michelle - need your address! Contact me at megmims(at)yahoo(dot)com please. Thanks.

Michelle said...

Thanks Meg. I haven't been keeping up lately and just found the posting. I sent an email to goddessfish, but I'll send one directly to you. Thank you again.