Sunday, August 7, 2011

Feather's Last Dance/Ellie's Song

Looking back over the blogs, I don't think I've even put any book info in here about Feather and Ellie! Can you tell I'm a newbie at this?

Although all of the Tassanoxie stories can be read as stand alone stories, Feather's Last Dance is the one that started it all.

As a teen, Faith Featherstone made two mistakes. One gets her pregnant, the second lands her in juvenile detention. Eager to do what’s best for all, Faith gives her son to her barren sister. Faith believes she has found the perfect solution. Matthew, will have two loving parents, she will be a part of his life, and he will know his biological father, because her sister is married to the father’s brother. Her only request? Be named Matthew’s legal guardian.   
Five years later, the unthinkable occurs. Her sister and brother-in-law disappear at sea in a sailing accident. Now Faith fears her shameful past will cost her custody of her son. If Justin Worthington is willing to go to court for custody of the boy he believes to be his nephew, what will he do when he discovers the boy is his son?
I once read somewhere that it takes us seven years to realize we’ve changed! I found this fascinating because I knew this guy who I thought was cute and sexy as could be (romance writer observation only!) but found out he’d been overweight as a teen and he still thought of himself as that overweight, awkward kid. In Feather, I tried to marry up the fact Faith had grown up, yet didn’t fully accept her new self. 

Here's the blurb for Ellie's Song.....

Take one heroine and hero gripped in relationship limbo. Stir in a possible media scandal. Sprinkle lightly with a three-year-old child. Add one mother-in-law, a former boyfriend, a celebrity reporter hot for a story break and a Hollywood starlet. Knead above ingredients. Cover and let rise in a warm place. Bake for 31 chapters. Yield: Ellie’s Song, the story of shy folk artist Ellie Kellson who loves country singer Lane Walker, but  abhors the media attention he needs to be a successful singing artist.

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This has been an educational dayand I hope you've enjoyed the blog party!

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Maria said...

Wow...this sounds really great! I do think we change and it does take a long time for us to realize we've changed- I'm definitely adding this to my shopping list

Ginger Hanson said...


Drop me a line after you read it. I'd love to know what you think of the story.