Sunday, August 7, 2011

Enjoy the party!

Hi! I’m Ginger Hanson and I write sweet contemporary and sensual historical romance fiction. I’m happy to be here today and hope you enjoy your visit. Before I start, I’d like to thank Judy and Marianne for this opportunity to connect with readers.

I’ve written everything from novels to aviation handbooks. For more years than I like to admit, I spent my time creating fictional worlds and trying to get someone, anyone to offer me a contract. In 2004, someone finally did and my first two historical romances were published. 
My fifth book was published this year and I feel fortunate to have found editors who enjoy my writing. Although my latest three books are in print and ebook, I’m going more heavily into the short ebook format. It’s a challenge to condense your stories from a sprawling saga of 100,000 words to less than 50,000, but it’s also fun. I look forward to the chance to write more stories and connect with more readers.
I’ll be posting blurbs from my latest releases and sharing info about my new series and stories pending release or publication (published by The Wild Rose Press) during today's party. 



StephB said...

Ginger nice to meet you. I enjoy both genres. Looking forward to seeing more.


Ginger Hanson said...


Thanks for the comment, I enjoyed reading about your book, too. I love Steampunk altho I didn't know that was what it was called until a few years ago. The 19th century is one my favorite time periods, the discoveries, etc. I used to tell my students that people walked into the 19th c and rode out of it on railroads, quite a change when you realize how many eons transportation for most consisted of walking or riding a horse.

Maria said...

looking forward to reading your excerpts.