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The Tempest by Em Petrova--Meet Adira De La Fay

My newest release THE TEMPEST was one of my favorites to write. The heroine Adira De La Fay is a witch who's believed to be schizophrenic. She's been locked up in Adsbury Manor for most of her life, drugged until her powers are staunched. But she still hears the pleas of the comatose patients within its walls to set them free. As the thirteenth witch in her family, her powers rival all those before her--powers that unleash violent storms and conjure spells from the air through her love of music.

I loved creating a traditional Gothic setting in this story. The mental hospital, the suffering and a fragile girl who quotes Shakespeare. Here's a blurb to tempt you. And don't forget to comment for a chance to win a free copy!


A bewitching woman named Adira haunts the grounds of Adsbury Manor, a psychiatric care center where Doctor Jase Maddox has taken a longed-for position. He is infatuated with her delicate beauty and soulful eyes. But her gaze isn’t the only thing that unsettles him. Her strange ability to nurse dead plants into beautiful blooms, her fervor for playing the cello, and her obsession with all things Shakespeare make Jase suspect her mind is more intact than her previous doctors have believed. Between this puzzle and the needs she raises in his body, he can’t stay away from her.

Adira de la Fay has spent a lifetime locked in the walls of Adsbury Manor and in the confines of the patients’ psyches. Their mental voices plague her until she learns she can help. Soon she realizes that her powers are unbalanced, and her healing acts are causing devastating storms. Desperate to escape her circumstances and find a way to right the balance, she asks Jase for help. Though he satisfies her lusts, she cannot be truly happy until she claims her rightful place in the magical world.

As Dr. Jase unlocks her passions, she reveals that her gifts run deeper than anyone imagined. Though uncertain whether he believes in this strange new world, he knows he must free her from the Bedlam that has swallowed her life. He knows his career will be jeopardized. He knows removing her from Adsbury Manor could land him in prison. But what he doesn’t know is that he is a warlock.


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Maria said...

Ariana sounds like a really great heroine! Definitely adding this book to my shopping list.