Monday, June 6, 2011

Excerpt From Vampire Dreams

My new novella, Vampire Dreams, available at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and Smashwords is out now.  Here's an excerpt: 

Brandon knew by midnight all in the house would be asleep, including Arden. He remained at his desk in his study, waiting patiently as the minutes ticked away. When the grandfather clock in the parlor announced midnight, he quietly ascended the stairs to her bedroom.
Once inside her room, he stood with his back pressed to the door watching her. How beautiful she was in sleep! As beautiful as during waking hours. As the glow of the moon streamed in and bathed her in its light, he was reminded of the vision of her the night before and told himself she was a natural child of the night.
She remained asleep, and as he watched, aroused by her peacefulness, his passions created a storm in him he struggled to control. So innocent, yet so desirable.
He’d purposefully avoided her since waking, sure his need for her would be met by the response of a proper lady. No, he’d have her this way and wait for her to come to him.
Almost timidly, as if what he might find may cause him to lose control of his desire, he peeled back the blanket and sheet to reveal her body covered only by a thin white nightgown. Mere fabric was all that stood between his desires and sweet satisfaction.
He stopped a moment as she unconsciously recognized the change in her sleep, and when she stilled, he sat silently on the bed next to her to study her. She was so delicate—how would she respond to his touch?
Struggling to restrain himself, he gently touched the soft collar of her nightgown and tugged on the silk ribbon at her neck. Opened, it revealed a tease of what was to come. One by one, he untied the ribbons that held the fabric closed, until he’d revealed her beautiful breasts and body.
How he wanted her! That it must be like this for now he accepted, but he eagerly awaited the time when she’d choose to come to him. In a whisper, he spoke the chant that would awaken her as if in a dream.
When she opened her eyes and gazed up at him with a knowing look, his heart pounded against his chest in fear that the enchantment hadn’t worked and she was conscious of him. But soon he saw her eyes cloud over with passion as she reached out for him and searched for his mouth with hers.

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Katrina W said...

Hmm Im intrigued !! I already follow you over at facebook ;) have added your book to my little black book of tbr :) love the cover btw !!!

Gabrielle said...

Thanks Katrina! I love the cover too! My cover artist, Elaina Lee, did such a wonderful job. :) Check back later this afternoon for a chance to win Vampire Dreams.


Maria said...

This sounds really interesting. Thanks for the excerpt!

Jean P said...

Enjoyed this excerpt, adding this one to my growing pile of books!