Monday, June 6, 2011

Lust Undone-Second Excerpt (Adult)

Sophia shouted it so loud she startled herself into full wakefulness. She only hoped the walls were thick enough so Logan hadn’t heard her. Waiting to see if the phone rang or a knock sounded on the door, she finally eased back down onto the pillows.
Well, that didn’t work out too well.
No matter what she did, her body wouldn’t relax nor would her mind. When the light tap sounded at her door at twenty after twelve she was through arguing with herself, through finding excuses.
Trembling slightly with anticipation she undid the deadbolt and security lock and pulled the door open. Clint Beaudine was leaning into the frame looking like the world’s original bad boy. He was just as she’d seen him in her mind earlier, except that he was wearing a t-shirt and a sheepskin-lined jacket. His eyes were just as smoldering, his face just as strong-featured and one lock of his thick hair fell over his forehead. His mouth curved in a hungry smile.
“You gonna let me in, chere? I’m freezing my ass off out here.”
As if it was the most natural thing in the world she opened the door wide and stepped aside to let him cross the threshold. He bolted the door, only half turning to do it so he could keep his gaze locked with hers. Sophia backed up two steps, three, and bumped into one of the chairs at the round dinette table. Clint discarded his jacket, still advancing toward her. Then, before she could get a word out, he had his arms around her, his mouth hot and hungry on hers.
His tongue was like a flame in her mouth, scorching her every place it touched, sweeping, gliding, tasting. Her head swam and her bones turned to liquid as he drank and drank and drank from her. His body against her was just as hard as it looked, all steel muscle. And hardest of all was the thick ridge of his cock pressing against her through the worn denim of his jeans, like a brand burning through the layers of cloth.
Her fingers threaded through the heavy silk of his hair, holding his head to hers. She forgot to breathe, forgot anything except this man and the fusion of their mouths. When he finally lifted his mouth a fraction she could see the amber in his eyes gleaming like tiny dancing flames. His licked the outline of her lips then trailed kisses along the line of her jaw and down the column of her neck.
“I’m going to fuck you, chere.”
It wasn’t the lust in his voice that shocked as much as his use of the exact words she’d heard in her almost-dream. Desire skated along her spine and burst into the throbbing walls of her pussy. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could remain upright even within the iron circle of his arms.
Finally he loosened his grip and took a step back.
“We have too many clothes on.”
He turned her around, sat her on the edge of the bed and pressed the switch on the bedside lamp. With the amber glow smoothing over his body he stripped efficiently out of his jeans and t-shirt. No underwear. She should have known he’d go commando. His body as just as magnificent as in her dream only now she could see it all—the sculpted muscles, the same dusting of dark hair on his legs, the lean hips and broad shoulders. And his cock, so utterly magnificent, rising from a very thick nest of curls, the head dark and flared, his sac lying heavy against his thighs.
“Like what you see, chere?” There was no mistaking the slight arrogance in his voice. Clint Beaudine knew what he had to offer a woman. No doubt about it.
Sophia had never in her life desired a man so much, felt such powerful chemistry with another human being. Without thinking she stretched out her arm to reach for his erection. He stepped closer to her and her hand closed around the wide shaft, the skin like soft velvet over the core of steel. Hard didn’t begin to describe its condition.
She rubbed her thumb over the head, spreading the small bead of liquid seeping from the slit. Then stroked up and down, just once, before his fingers clamped around her wrist.
“Later. Right now I have to be inside you.” He bent lower to her. “But trust me, we’ll have time for whatever we want.”

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