Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dragon & Hawk Winners

  I'd like to thank everyone who participated in yesterday's Party and announce the winners of pdf copies of my novel Dragon & Hawk are:   
Congratulations and watch for an email from AuthorJudeATcomcastDOTnet!

Dragon &Hawk is available in all ebook formats from Champagne Books and Amazon/ Amazon UK and in print from Champage Books.

Watch for my new short story to be released from Champagne Books in JULY, Within The Mists -- the story of an arrogant Lieutenant in Nelson's Navy blown overboard during a violent storm and rescued by a selchie: a woman on land who becomes a seal in the sea.

Thanks again and Happy Reading!

~Jude Johnson
 Author, Dragon & Hawk
Available from Champagne Books
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Karen said...

Congrats, Jen and Maria!!